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Owner/CEO/Head Trainer: CJ THOMAS

Owner/CEO/Head Trainer: CJ THOMAS


Always be improving!

It’s a new era at St Louis Fitness Bootcamp!

Hi!  My name is CJ Thomas and I’m the owner and self proclaimed “CeejEO” of Bootcamp.

So how did we get here?  It all started in 2013…  I was a struggling real estate agent at the time just seeking some part time work.  I was scouring Craigslist for job listings that didn’t involve a deep frier… (even then I was a bit of a health and fitness nut, and serving fast food would have been a conflict to my integrity and way of life).

Call it luck or serendipity or divine intervention… but I came across a listing posted by Johnny King (the founding father and then owner of St Louis Fitness Bootcamp).  The title…

“Want to Become a Rockstar Bootcamp Trainer?”

My interest was piqued.

If only I could take that job… but I was certain I wouldn’t qualify.  Against my better judgment and out of sheer curiosity I clicked on the link and was delighted to discover that Johnny wasn’t requiring any past experience leading classes. He was searching for the right personality and someone eager to learn.

Check!  And check!

Johnny and I clicked immediately.  Within a month he had me leading massive classes of Bootcampers and dubbed me the Head Trainer.

I loved my new position, but I was still convinced that real estate was my calling. 

As the months passed on I became increasingly aware that despite setting my alarm at 3:45am to prepare for classes, my mornings at Bootcamp were the best part of my day!

As fate would have it, Johnny wanted to pass off more of his responsibilities so he could pursue other passions and take on more clients in his nutrition program.

In August 2014 he promoted me to “Vice King” of Operations… (“Vice King”… Johnny “King”… get it??  We thought it was cool… lol)

Later that fall, Johnny caught the Colorado bug and relocated out west to Denver.  After several months of checking in from afar, Johnny decided that it might make more sense for me to take over the whole enchilada.

And so, in March of 2015, I became the new owner and CeejEO of St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp!  Please hold your applause… 😉

I still can’t believe how quickly everything developed… If you would have told me two years ago that I was going to ditch nearly a decade-long career in the real estate biz to wake up before sunrise and teach proper form on pushups… I would have told you, “You’re CRAZY!!”

But that’s exactly what happened.

But for me the transition was about much more than a sadistic passion to force people to do more squats… It was about the people… It was about interactions… It was about inspiring and changing lives.

Bootcamp filled an empty void in my soul that had been missing in real estate for quite some time.  In real estate I had clients that I wanted to serve to the best of my ability.  In Bootcamp, I had friends… in fact, our incredibly tight knit group calls itself the “Bootcamp Family”.

It’s hard for me to put into words the energy and the love that’s in the room each day at Bootcamp.  But it’s something I’d love for you to see and experience firsthand if you’re in the area.

The workouts… customizable.

The pace… it’s up to you.

The atmosphere… it’s second to none.

You can get a workout anywhere.  At Bootcamp we aim to bring you more than a workout… we aim to bring you an experience.

I can tell you without a shred of hesitation that Bootcamp has changed my life for the better… And I’ve no doubt in my mind that it can do the same for you!

If you’re even the slightest bit curious, you can drop in for a free class any time and decide for yourself if Bootcamp is right for you.

If you have questions or concerns you can drop me a line any time at CJ@STLFitnessBootCamp.com

Thanks for reading… and I can’t wait to meet you!