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Skedge 9/24/18 (What’s in Lake Tahoe?…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on September 22, 2018

He’s going the distance…




CJ will be in Lake Tahoe for a writing workshop.

Fear not, there will still be Bootcamp as usual hosted by my trusty brother, Derek.

Derek has been instructed to treat you with all the love and respect that you are so accustomed to receiving from me.

And Derek has alos been instructed to take down the names of any trouble makers so I can punish them appropriately when I return… so play nice!  😉

Other than that, have fun, make it a great week!

I will miss you and look forward to seeing everybody again on Friday.  


“What’s in Lake Tahoe?…”

I realize I’m a bit robotic at times.

I’ve been writing a new post every day and posting it to Facebook… but I didn’t realize unitl the end of this week that I’ve barely even mentioned to anybody that I’m taking a rare trip out of St. Louis this week.  (I’m so deep in my process, I almost forgot, myself! Lol.)

So, maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t, but the rumors are true…

I’ll be in Lake Tahoe this week (leaving Monday morning and returning on Thursday).

Image result for lake tahoe

What’s in Lake Tahoe, you ask?

I’m sure there’s probably a lot… mountain climbing, hiking, maybe even a lake…

All I know for sure is there’s a mansion on top of a mountain somewhere in the vicinity where approximately 25 aspiring visionary writers will be convening to learn, share, develop skills, and…


Image result for same thing we do ever night pinky

Ok, just kidding about the last part.

But I am pretty excited to meet a long-time mentor of mine and a group of 25 other like-minded individuals.

The Live Event taking place on Monday will mark Day #30 of a 90-Day Writing Immersion Course that I’ve been participating in.

Frankly, the last 30 days has been kicking my @ss…

I’ve been producing content at a level I wasn’t even sure I was capable of.

Simultaneously, I’m in this Kion U course that’s been feeding me, via fire hose, every scrap of knowledge about health, nutrition, and fitness the world has ever accumulated.

Three weeks ago my laptop crashed (a fiasco I’m still trying to sort out).

And none of this absolves me from my usual trainer/workout creator/podcaster responsibilities.

I tell you all this, not to complain, but rather to tell you I’ve never felt so alive.

Part of the pre-requisite to starting this 90-Day Writing Expedition was to read the book, “The 1% Rule” by Tommy Baker.

Image result for 1% rule

In many ways, this is a book that can be easily overlooked.

Much of the advice, is stuff you’ve heard before.  You’ll nod your head in agreement.  You’ll think that’s a good idea.  And then put it on a bookshelf and not think about it again.

But this book and it’s message have served as the foundation for this course… and has provided one of the mantras I repeat to myself every morning when I’m getting my day started.

That mantra?…

“1% better every day…”

I know, a bit cheesy right?

But I’ve really been ebracing this.

1% more knowledgeable… 1% more engaged… 1% more productive… 1% more forgiving of one’s self.. 1% more loving… 1% more dedicated… 1% less procrastination…

1%… 1%… 1%…

At the micro, 1% looks like nothing.  It’s easy to overlook.  Progress in nearly inperceptible.

But in a year… if you adhere to this belief… this lifestyle.. this code…

You find yourself 365% better!

What could you accomplish as 3.65X the person you are now?

And what if it’s not just 1%?… What if, like a financial investment, you receive compounding interest?

Boom, Sucka!… Even the sky isn’t the limit!

Don’t overlook this!… Just because it’s sounds simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy, and doesn’t mean it’s not deserving of some serious attention.

This is exactly why the New Year’s resolution folks almost always fail.

They’re aiming for 365% by the end of January.

Ambitious?… yes.

Fool-hearty?… also, yes.

Take note…

People don’t fail because of a lack of knowledge, or entusiasm, or desire, or a lack of motivational memes.

Image result for motivational meme funny

They fail because of the overwhelm…

They fail because they’re not respecting the PROCESS.

The process is long.  The process is ongoing.  The process is for life.  The process weeds out the uncommitted.  The process demands consistency.  The process wants to see who’s for real.

The process shows up even when you don’t.

And the process will leave you in the dust… if you let it.

It won’t gloat.  It won’t do an unnecessary celebration dance when it gets to the End Zone before you.

Related image

The process just is.  

So you better keep pace.

1%… 1%… 1%…

Enough to be massively successful in the long term.

Not too much to beat you into submission in the short term.

The master of comedy, Jerry Seinfeld, has a similar approach.

When asked by an up and coming comedian how to get better at comedy… Jerry graciously provided his secret.

“The secret to getting better at comedy is to write more jokes.  The secret to writing more jokes is to do it every day.”

Jerry expounds… “Get yourself a calendar poster where you can see the whole year at a glance.  Put a big red X every day you write your jokes for the day.  Get the streak going.  After a couple weeks of consecutive X’s, you’ll start to feel better about yourself.  And you’ll want to keep that streak going.”

1% baby!

It doesn’t matter if the jokes are good.  It doesn’t matter if he’ll ever use that material.  It matters that he showed up and stayed committed to the process.


As mentioned, you can get some sneaky compounding in the mix too.

A great mentor and surrounding yourself with like-minded people can really help you turbo-charge the process.

And that’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing the last 30 days and look forward to experiencing more of in this 4-day excursion to Tahoe.

So what’s in Lake Tahoe?

A few more percentage points.

I’ll get back to you about “the lake” part.  😉


Hope you all have an amazing week in my absence (even though I’ll be back in action on Friday).

Please know that you are a large portion of my drive to be 1% better.

I do it for you.  I do it for me.  I do it for my friends and family.  And I do it for a whole mass of humans I haven’t even met.

Take care… be kind to Derek… be kind to one another… and I’ll look forward to seeing you again soon!

Blessings & Much Love!



CJ’s Book of the Week: 

“#Girlboss” by Sophia Amoruso


This Week’s Podcast:

Episode 007:  “Embrace Your Inner Mario..”



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