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Skedge 8/14/17 (Re-Defining the “Cookie Jar”…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on August 13, 2017

‘Ello Governor!!


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September 23, 2017 at 8:00 AM

Wright City, Missouri 63390

We’re doing the 5k at the Noon-3pm time slot.

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Re-Defining the “Cookie Jar”…

I come across hordes of inspiring figures and stories in my daily research, podcasts, and videos.  People who have overcome seemingly impossible odds and adversity.  But the dude I’m about to tell you about today may be at the top of the pack.

His name is David Goggins.

Image result for david goggins

Goggins is a former US Navy SEAL.  He’s the only man to have ever successfully made it through SEAL training, Army ranger school, AND the Air Force tactical training programs.

Maybe he liked it because he actually elected to put himself through the Navy SEAL ‘s infamous Hell Week THREE times… once with multiple stress fractures and a hernia.

He served in Iraq and was appointed as bodyguard for the Iraqi prime minister.

He once held the world record for the most pullups completed in 24 hours (4,030).

He ran and completed eight 100-mile races in eight consecutive weekends.

He once ran 7,000 miles in a single year (equal to about 267 marathons).

He’s completed an UltraMarathon while battling pneumonia.

Can you say BAD@SS??

As you run through that list, you might make the same mistake I almost did…

Thinking, “Wow, that guy is TALENTED!”

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Talent has absolutely, 100%, ZERO to do with this man’s achievements.



Turn back the clock a few decades and you’d meet with a completely different David Goggins.

A boy who was timid, scared, bullied, picked on, and targeted for acts of racism.  He grew up 20 miles from where the KKK was founded and had a number of the clan leaders’ sons in his classes.

Life was rough.

He’d change his appearance to try and blend in.  To be accepted.  To feel normal.

But all of his attempts failed.

To compound growing up in a broken home, being abused, and scraping through high school with a 1.6 GPA, David’s physical profile left a lot to be desired as well…


He weighed over 300 pounds, had severe allergies, sickle cell trait, and a congenital heart defect that left him with a hole in his heart the size of a poker chip!

Image result for david goggins before

Not exactly the athletic physique you’d expect to see from a man that makes a hobby out of surviving SEALs Hell week and crushing 100-mile races!

There was NO TALENT. 

No mentors to lie to him about how things would turn out ok.

No illusions about his exceptional smarts or athletic ability.

No reference points of success of any kind.

He felt weak.  He felt soft.  And he hated the person that he saw in the mirror every day.

How does a self-loathing, obese man with a hole in his heart transform into the SEAL that’s considered by many to be the most mentally and physically tenacious human to ever walk the planet

Using the epic power of the world’s most undervalued weapon:  THE MIND.

1)       Change happens in an instant.

Tony Robbins talks about this often.  A person’s life turns towards providence the INSTANT they make a DECISION in their mind that enough is enough.  I’m not willing to settle for this life… these thoughts… these circumstances… any more!

Goggins, wallowing in a pool of his own self misery, flipped through the channels on his TV and came across the Navy SEALS Hell Week on a documentary.

It was this moment that changed everything!

Goggins doesn’t lie to himself when he’s at his rock bottom.  He recognizes himself as one of the weakest humans (mentally, phsycially, spiritually) on the face of the planet.  He DECIDES then and there that he’s going to force himself through more suffering than any rationale human can handle to become the toughest man in the world.

Mind you, this is not magic.  There’s A LOT of hard, gut-wrenching, mind-twisting work that goes into this transformation process.  But his unwavering conviction locked into place in a single instant through the power of his mind.

2)      The “Cookie Jar”.

In ancient times there were all manner of rites of passage to signify the transformation towards manhood or womanhood.  Some tribes would force boys into the wild until they killed a lion.  Others were covered in honey and forced onto ant hills where they were bitten mercilessly.

Related image

Much like the treacherous SEAL training of today, you might look at these practices as barbaric.

But they weren’t without their value.

When you do something that pushes your limits, that forces your weaknesses to the surface where they have to be confronted, you’re providing yourself with a reference point.  An experience you can draw upon at any point from thereon.

An experience that exemplifies proof positive that you are a BAD@SS.

Goggins calls these moments “Cookie Jar” moments.

While on his couch watching the SEALs on TV, Goggins’ cookie jar was completely empty.  But he’s since filled that jar to overflowing.  It’s a weapon he calls upon often.

Once, upon facing a 100-mile race (with little running experience at that point), Goggins finds himself unable to move his legs at the 70-mile mark.  He wants to go to the bathroom but is literally immobilized.  Broken, battered, and completely exhausted, he remains stationary as he literally has bloody urine and feces coming out of his shorts.

To any sane person, this race is over.  But Goggins goes to the “cookie jar”. 

He remembers some of the hardest nights of SEAL training and recognizes that he made it through that, he can make it through anything.

Image result for david goggins before

With soiled shorts, stress fractures in his feet, and severe shin splints, (not to mention that gaping hole in his heart!), Goggins tapes himself up and runs the last 30 miles (more than a marathon) before the cutoff time.

To be clear…

I’m not suggesting that you send your 10-year olds out into the woods to kill a mountain lion with their bare hands.  Nor that you keep running when you’ve literally broken all the bones in your feet…

But without any traditional rites of passage being forced upon you in today’s overly cushy, everyone’s-a-winner, society… you may need to opt for some elective suffering if you’re to become the strongest version of yourself.

Goggins believes the best thing that ever happened to him was that nobody gave him any empathy when he was at his rock bottom.  So he was forced to face that pain head on.  And ultimately, the pain of staying weak was more painful than any physical torture anybody could throw at him.

Maybe there’s more in your tank than you’ve given yourself credit for. 

Maybe you’ll have to get really uncomfortable to discover it.

I’m not discounting encouragement.  But I am suggesting that there’s maybe not enough “real talk” in this world… or between your own two ears.

Derek and I talk to people every day who practically want to cry when we tell them they might have to eat a salad sans toxic ranch dressing if they really want to lose some weight.

C’mon people…

I’m not saying it’s not hard.  I’m saying to embrace the hard.

I’m saying to check your cookie jar…

Image result for oreos cookie jar

No, not that one!  OMG… Step away from the Oreos!!

Check your Goggins-esque cookie jar for some reference points of times when you’ve been a lot tougher than you’re showing right now.

If you’re a mom, I know for a fact you’ve got at least one massive cookie jar moment to draw from.

If you’re coming up empty, I suggest you do a Goggins-like self evaluation and come up with some plans to fill that cookie jar up with magic moments that will aid you in overcoming all future obstacles.

We’re wired to avoid suffering.

But if your whole life is soft…. how do you ever find out what you’re made of?

3)      Go inside.

Goggins points out in an interview a premise that I’ve embraced for some time now.

That is, each and every one of us is writing a story every day.  Each day you pen a new page.  Each month a new chapter.  Each year a new volume.

When we’re feeling depressed, lacking in self worth, or low on motivation, we often turn to the external.

I do it often.  Borrowing from the ideas of others is how I’m able to discard destructive thought patterns and supplant more empowering ones.  Books, podcasts, videos, blog posts (like this one, right?)… they all have great value if you apply the wisdom therein.

But Goggins points out that almost nobody reads their own book. 

Goggins’ story through high school reads as a pretty pathetic tale.

Today his story is inspiring the masses.

If you want your story to read like a superhero’s, you might need to plan out some more awe-striking chapters.

Go inside.  Review your character’s strengths and weaknesses.  Decide what experiences you’d like them to have.  Is your main character one that you’re proud of?  If the next six volumes read exactly the same as the ones that preceded them, is it a story you can be happy with?  Is there more in you?

Go deep inside.  Then deeper still.  Go to the scary corners where you leave the doors locked.  Call out your inner potential.  Unleash the beast.

Image result for david goggins

Granted, the wisdom of Goggins will clash with a lot of people.  They’ll write him off as a masochist.  Say that he’s a nut job.  And maybe he is.

But if you look past the feats themselves, you’ll discover that Goggins is really just embodying by example the message he wants the world to know.

You’re stronger than you know.

You’ve got more in you than you know.

Human potential is nearly limitless.

What will you do with yours?


If you’re intrigued by the epic tale of the self made man, David Goggins, I highly recommend this interview.  (Warning:  dirty language…):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78I9dTB9vqM

And this book penned by Jesse Itzler, a fellow runner who was insane enough to invite a SEAL to live with him for 30 days.  This is by far the funniest book and one of the most inspiring that I’ve ever read:

Living with a Seal, by Jesse Itzler
Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet by [Itzler, Jesse]


Got an empty cookie jar?… Join us at the Battlegrounds!

Battlegrounds Info:

Sign up on our team here:  https://bgsept2017.eventbrite.com?team_token=1902167-o809q

September 23, 2017 at 8:00 AM

Wright City, Missouri 63390

We’re doing the 5k at the Noon-3pm time slot.

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CJ’s Book of the Week:  “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand


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