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Skedge 8/27/18 (18 Going on 80…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on August 26, 2018

You are amazing… just the way you are…



18 Going on 80…

I had an interesting conversation with an 18-year old this week.

Having just finished high school he wanted to know if I ever missed going to school and learning.

[Pictured here- Me coming back from vacation with a backpack full of books.]

I chuckled, now getting to play the part of ‘wise sage’ at 35 years young…

“Learning doesn’t stop after school is over… That’s when the real learning begins.”

I fought my strong urge to call him “Daniel-san” and show him how to wax-on and wax-off… Not sure if he would even get the reference.

Wax On, Wax Off

He seemed intrigued however and pressed for a little more information, “What are you learning now?”

Buckle up young Padawan… maybe you should take some notes…

“At present… I’m taking an immersive course on writing and story-telling to become a better writer.  On the way to class I was listening to a world-champion speaker share his secrets on how to craft better speeches and presentations so I can be a better podcaster.  I’m also studying for a new certification in nutrition, health, and wellness so I can better serve my clients.  On the way home, I’ll be listening to a podcast that can improve my mind and spirit.  And more often than not, I’m also reading a book a week pertaining to topics of my interest in my field and in personal development.  And since these are all topics that fascinate me and help me to become a better version of myself, I’m learning at a faster rate with more comprehension and retention than I ever did when I was in school.  So take heart… learning never ends my friend!”

Now convinced that I wasn’t try to snow him, he followed up, “Seems like a lot of work…  Why so much at once?”

He’s just lobbing me softballs at this point.

“We don’t have a lot of time on this planet, my man.  When you figure out what you want, you gotta go after it full steam ahead.”

Now the retort that stopped me in my tracks…

“Not a lot of time?… I’ve got about 60 years.  It sure seems like a lot!”


There are so many things wrong with this thought/statement/belief… I hardly knew where to begin.

Did he say 60 years?  He’s 18… do the math… carry the one… he doesn’t think he’s going to make it past 80!

“So you expect to live to 80?”

“Sure, with medical advances today, that seems realistic.”

He doesn’t understand that I’m not questioning his prediction as an overstatement, but rather as a gross understatement.

You wanna talk about medical advances TODAY???… 

Scientists are figuring out how to use stem cells in all kinds of practical age-reversing applications.  Technology is on the cusp of 3-D printing human organs.  Some futurists believe immortality is on the horizon.  And while I’m not that far on the deep end, I’m massively confident that I’ll not only live way past 100, I’ll be vibrant and kicking @ss when I get there.

I try to convey this new paradigm to my young, misguided friend.  He comes back with the same line of faulty beliefs that I hear month after month after month.  It tears me apart inside.

“I don’t want to live past 80 because I know what that looks like.  You can’t move, you’re always in pain, and your brain starts to give way to Alzheimer’s.  Screw that noise.”


Change name of device? - Samsung Galaxy S3 | Android Forums

Arrrrggggghhhh… IT. DOESN’T. HAVE.  TO.  BE.  THAT.  WAY!!!

Settle down Coach Ceej… Goooooosfrabaaaaaaa…

I talk about diet.  I talk about lifestyle.  I talk about exercise.  I talk about all the ways we hold the keys to unlocking a vibrant future and how I’ll be doing back flips in my golden years while others will just be flat on their backs.

It’s about a lifetime of choices and a lifetime of beliefs.

Your intense fear of cancer is just as likely to bring you cancer as your belief that your dedication to a strong, healthy immune system will protect you from it. 

That’s not pie-in-the-sky mumbo jumbo.  That’s called, “The Biology of Belief”.  (Read the book, written by Bruce Lipton).  That’s called quantum physics- everything (including your thoughts and beliefs) are energy and energy shapes your world.

That’s called science.

That’s called ownership.

That’s called being the creator of your world and not the victim within it.

It all starts with belief. 

And you, young Paduwan, have been brainwashed with some faulty programming that if it’s not removed, will manifest the lackluster future you’re envisioning.

You Still Have Much To Learn Young Padawan on Memegen

“Do you REALLY think FOOD can keep you from getting Alzheimer’s?” he scoffs as he asks the question.


1,000 times yes! 

1 million percent yes!

‘Y’ to the ‘E’ to the motha f-in ‘S’… YES!!!

Wake up!  Alzheimer’s is now referred to as Type 3 Diabetes for a reason.  It is vastly affected by diet and it is vastly preventable.  You have so much more power than you realize!

But at this point he looks disconnected.

I’ve lost him.

I’m sure I seem like an overzealous wackado with some kind of secret financial tie to the kale industry.

Perhaps worse than all of this, in his original statement, he thought that 60 years was plenty of time.

In one sense, yes, 60 years is a lot of time.  But if you view it as such, you fail to see how precious each of those years, months, and moments truly are.  You’re ok with squandering weeks at a time knowing that you’ll have time to work it all out “someday”.  Not having the foresight to realize how much you will miss the lost time later on.

While I tried desperately to get him to see the light and break him out of the Matrix that was imprisoning his mind… as they say in sports, you can’t win em all.

But then again, he’s only 18.

If you’ve been reading my posts for any length of time, you know that I was no crown jewel at his age.

[Throwback Thirsty]

Sometimes it takes time.  Sometimes it takes experience.  Sometimes it takes life-changing events.

But what worries me is that sometimes that change never does take place.

Sometimes people do exactly what the Matrix says they should do.  Struggle, get sick, and die with their dreams inside of them.

They view themselves as “normal” and at the mercy of a pre-written destiny.

Not considering that “exceptional” was available for the taking all along.

Perhaps the only antidote for this defeatist diagnosis is indeed to keep a healthy hunger for learning.

After all, ‘graduation’ just means that your ‘required’ reading is complete.

But be warned… your test has just begun.




CJ’s Book of the Week: 

“Learning to Breathe Fire” by J.C. Herz


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