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Skedge 8/13/18 (You’re Not Always Relatable…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on August 12, 2018

She’s a brick…house…


“You’re Not Always Relatable…”

I launched my podcast this week!

Annnnnnnd…. to my surprise and delight, I got comments and feedback from multiple people (even those who didn’t carry me in-utero for 9 laborious months). Lol.


Much of the feedback was positive, but I was also thrilled to get some detailed constructive criticism as well.

One such criticism, “You tell great stories, but your personal story (and those of high achievers) may not always be relatable to your audience.”

I had to pause to reflect on the truth in this statement.

It’s true.

As a personal trainer, I’m sometimes looked at as an “expert” in fitness… as if I have magical super-powers that others don’t.

So if I tell you, “Here’s how I did it…” it may easily be dismissed.

“Easy for that guy…” “He doesn’t know my pain…” “It’s harder for me…” “My circumstances are different…”

Frankly, I do the same thing…

I look at my heroes… Tony Robbins, Ben Greenfield, Tom Bilyeu, Gary Vaynerchuk, David Goggins, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson…

Dwayne Johnson the rock funny pictures - Dump A Day

All of them seem out of my league.

They’ve got more knowledge, more expertise, more connections, more money, more resources, more employees, more followers, more… more… more… more… more….

When they give advice, it can be easy to dismiss (even though I highly respect them).

Imagine, for example, that Bruce Wayne told you that, “Everyone should fight crime…”

Batman Quotes Dark Knight You Either Die A Hero – Quotesta

You’d be like, “Yea, RIGHT!!… Easy for you to say… you’ve got the Batmobile, a utility belt, kevlar body armor, billions of dollars, kickass sidekicks, and a butler whose got pancakes waiting for you when you get home. Any more great advice Batman??”

But when it comes down to it, behind the masks, we’re all human. We’re all flawed. We’re all imperfect. We’ve all got skeletons in the closet. We’ve all failed more times than we can count.

Many of my heroes mentioned above have been through massive struggles in their lives. Broke as a joke, houses foreclosed on, failed marriages, public embarassments, battling depression, fighting uncertainty…

They weren’t always ‘THE GURU’… they’ve been through hell too… just like you and me.  And while they may seem like they’re on another level, they’re all part of team human, graduates from the school of hard knocks.

Until recently, I never thought of myself as being one of those “other” people. And frankly, I still don’t. But I can see how others might get there.

Maybe you see a guy with a podcast, a blog, a fitness business, a 6-pack and… (not to brag, but…) over 300+ followers on Instagram… and you think this guy’s got it all figured out.

But it should be noted that even on my podcast launch day, I couldn’t even get the tech part figured out to get the dang thing published on iTunes and Stitcher!

In fact, looking back, I’ve stumbled, bumbled, belly-flopped and face-planted myself to my current standing in life.

The only reason I joined the high school wrestling team was because I wasn’t good enough to make the basketball team. The reason I’ve become a personal trainer stems largely from the fact that I was failing as a real estate agent and looking for part time work to make ends meet. And in my darkest moments, my biceps and abs are of little comfort when I wonder if I’ll ever find the right woman and get to start a family.

I could probably bend your ear for hours about all of my various fails… but the point of this is that I am not your guru.

Is 'Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru' (2016) available to ...

Maybe I’m better at picking up dumbbells than you (kind of an odd skill, isn’t it?)… but odds are you’ve done something that I look up to as well. Maybe you’ve written a book, or been paid to speak in foreign countries, or founded a charity that speaks to your passion… (all of these are real life examples from Bootcamp members who inspire me.)

But I’m assuming that what we all have in common is a desire to keep growing and an ache to fulfill our purpose in life (even if we’re not clear on what that is yet)...

That’s what “Wrestle Your Potential” is all about…

It’s not about me trying to preach at you from atop my high and mighty mountain.

It’s about an open conversation regarding the collective obstacles that are holding each of us back from reaching our peak state of being.

So please… Don’t allow the accolades or accomplishments of others make you feel small in comparison.

Remember that life is a game in which you don’t have to wait your turn… and the fact that others are winning is only evidence that you can win too.

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my newest “gurus”, Ed Mylett,

“Most people die in their early 20’s… We just don’t bury them until they’re 70 or 80.”

Ed Mylett tiger school – ED MYLETT SHOW – Podcast – Podtail

Mic drop! Marinate on that one for a minute!

It would be easy for me to look at somebody like Ed and feel disconnected.  The dude’s a near billionaire with a jet, a beach house, and biceps that make T-shirts cry.

But Ed’s been in the muck too.

And, like Batman, he doesn’t possess any actual super powers.

So rather than worship him as a demi-god… I’d rather study him to learn how he does what he does and why he thinks the way he thinks… 

When you learn and adopt the secrets of the successful you get to skip levels and warp ahead in your personal progress… much like “Super” Mario (who is really just an ex-plumber turned hero when an oversized dragon kidnapped his girlfriend.)

Super Mario Bros 1 warp zone locations (Wii, NES)

Conversely, when you think the game is rigged and that the other players have an unfair advantage… you get to play out your imagined storyline by sitting on the sidelines and drowning your sorrows in cheap tequila and Busch Light.  (My early twenties weren’t pretty!)

But like Ed says, you can die in your twenties and wait for the burial… or you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and engage in what Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers believed was your God-given right… the pursuit of happiness.

I’m certain you’ll make the right decision.  🙂


Thank you all for being a part of my purpose and a part of my winning team.

Here’s to you who are driven, desperate, and ravenous to Wrestle Your Potential. 😉




CJ’s Book of the Week: 

“How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie


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CJ Thomas

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St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp

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