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Skedge 7/31/17 (Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on July 30, 2017

Hope you’re having a fabulous morning!

“Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon…”

This week, on “Would YOU Eat It” Wednesday, I put out a video on bacon.

(Click here for the video.)

And I think I nearly started a riot.

Apparently people love their bacon.

Bacon for breakfast, BLT’s for lunch, bacon wrapped steak for dinner, even bacon bits on a salad…

People.  LOVE.  Bacon.

Do I pick on all these different food options because I want to deprive you?


Because I like the controversy?

Sure… a little.

But mainly because I want you to know the truth.

And because I think there are way too many forces and dollars out there pushing a false narrative about food.

Organizations that are supposed to have your back, like the American Heart Association, are readily spreading myths about coconut oil because they have financial ties to vegetable oil companies.  (By the way… vegetable oil is possibly the worst thing you can put in your body.)  And they’ll readily stamp their seal of approval on a box of Cocoa Puffs…

Image result for american heart association cocoa puffs

Is it because they actually believe in the healthy nature of these products?

Not bloody likely!  

It’s because somebody’s bank account is about to get fatter.

Nevermind the fact that America’s waistline is getting fatter with it.

Granted, my voice is pretty small at present when compared to these corporate sell-outs.  But if I can help just one person to escape the health Matrix, then it’s time well spent.

That being said, some people still seem to believe that ignorance is bliss…

Image result for ignorance is bliss matrix

Of course Thomas Jefferson is attributed with a quote that might counter that point…

Related image

In any case, all this week’s talk about bacon got me thinking about Kevin Bacon.

And that got me thinking about six degrees of Kevin Bacon.  (For the uninitiated, this is the theory that it takes 6 or less degrees of separation to connect Kevin Bacon to any other actor you can think of.  Example:  Tom Selleck… Tom Selleck was in “Three Men & a Baby” w/ Maragaret Colin (1)… who was in “Independence Day” with Mary McDonnell (2)… who was in “Dances with Wolves” with Kevin Costner (3)… who was in “The Untouchables” w/ Sean Connery (4)… who was in “The Rock” w/ Ed Harris (5)… who was in “Apollo 13” w/ Kevin Bacon (6).)

Cool, right?

Recently, I’ve been playing a similar game in my own life.

As I mentioned, my voice is still pretty small in this whole health crusader journey I’ve embarked on.  It’s easy to imagine that I might never have the reach of someone like the Dr. Oz or the Food Babe.

Image result for dr oz Image result for foodbabe

Seeing any trends here??  😉  (Perhaps there are better options than bacon for breakfast after all…)

While these health celebrities make me feel like a pretty small fish at present… I continue to ask myself…

How do I close the gap?

How do I grow my influence?

And perhaps, most importantly, how do I condition my mind into believing that this kind of growth is even possible for someone like me?

It’s easy to get caught up in hero worship.

But you have to remember that all of these people are only human.

AND these top people that I look up to, may not be so separated from me after all.

Take Lewis Howes.

Image result for lewis howes

He runs one of the biggest podcasts on the planet and is inspiring massive hordes of followers.

Lewis seems untouchable.  But actually, he graduated from Principia College!  And he’s friends with another Principia grad you may be familiar with… former King of Bootcamp… Johnny King!

Image may contain: 2 people

I know Johnny.  Johnny knows Lewis.  Only TWO degrees of separation!

Shawn Stevenson is auther of “Sleep Smarter” and runs The Model Health Show podcast.  And he makes his home nearby in Florissant, MO.

Image result for shawn stevenson

Another one of my favorite podcasters is Ben Greenfield.  Ben is the man!  He’s essentially who I want to be when I grow up.  Lol.  I even named one of my chickens after him… “Hen Greenfield”.

Image result for ben greenfield  Image may contain: 1 person

(See the resemblance?)

Ben’s not local to St. Louis… but I wrote him such an amazing review on iTunes that he read it on his show and sent me a T-shirt as a thank you!

So basically, ZERO degrees of separation when your hero says your name on the air!  Lol.

Jake Ducey is 26 and has already written 3 best-selling books.  I commented on one of his YouTube videos.  And he personally replied back.  So we’re basically BFF’s now!

Image result for jake ducey

Sean Croxton is another author/podcaster, and is one of my favorite speakers on mindset.  And wouldn’t you know it?… Sean got his start as a personal trainer just like me.  (If you’re not listening to his “Quote of the Day Show” podcast, you’re missing out!)

Image result for sean croxton

John O’Leary is the author of “On Fire” and is a home grown St. Louis boy as well.  He’s interacted with Olympic athletes and was largely influenced by the late great Jack Buck.  John’s built up an impressive speaking career that takes him around the nation.  But he’s also spoken locally to the kids at Priory School.  The very same venue where I got to speak to the kids just a few short weeks ago!

Image result for john oleary

Who do you look up to?  

You may have more in common than you think.

You may be able to close the gap between you and your heroes by sending them a simple note or review.  You may be able to strengthen that association by finding commonalities in your background, places you’ve been, goals you’re striving towards.

And while they may seem larger than life, the fact is they’re all still human.  Which is really ONE degree of separation for all of us when it comes down to it.

Impossible is nothing.

The Matrix is really a documentary describing the prisons that each of us has around our own minds.  The more you can unplug from those faulty beliefs, the more you realize that the only thing holding you back in the first place… was you… (and the American Heart Association).  😉



Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor and closeup


CJ’s Book of the Week:  “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan


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