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Skedge 7/30/18 (“I’m a Bad Podcaster…”)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on July 29, 2018

Let’s get ready to rumble [fname]…


First… A Moment of silence for Tony LaRoosta…

Tony first joined our flock in in the spring of 2017.  She’s been a great chicken.  An excellent egg producer.  And a no-nonsense kind of gal.

Tony was taken from us last Friday night by an invading possum.

I caught the intruder in the act and wailed on him mercilessly with my fake katana 50-100 times.  But my weapon was ill-equiped to finish the job and the varmit managed to hobble his way to safefty.  While I’m grateful to have discovered the weakness in my weaponry before trying to use said katana in an actual zombie apocolypse…

My vengeance remains incomplete.

This possum’s ruthless decapitation of Tony LaRoosta is being classified as an act of war.

Negan & Lucille - Imgflip

All of Team Possum now has targets on their backs.

Some will say that this is just the circle of life… and I couldn’t agree more!

But when you interfere with my circle, you put your own life on the line… you seek out the end of your circle.

If you are a member of Team Possum seeking sanctuary, I would advise that you steer clear of Glades Ave in St. Louis City… for I have developed a particular set of skills.

You Have A Special Set Of Skills. – rollingblogger

Update since writing this post:


The perpetrator on video here is not the kingpin we were looking for but has been caught stealing eggs before.  The hunt for the rest of these mangy marsupials is ongoing.


“I’m a bad podcaster…”

D-Day is quickly approaching.


That’s the date that  I told everyone I’d be releasing my podcast.

It’s scary AF.

What will people think?

Will anybody listen?

What if they do listen and it’s so awful they never want to hear my voice again?

What if I offend somebody?  What if I bore somebody?  What if I sound like an idiot?

What am I really afraid of?…

I’m afraid that I’m a bad podcaster.

And I’ve got imposter syndrome like a mo-fo.

I’ll be posting content to the same platform as Joe Rogan, Ben Greenfield, and Tom Bilyeu (who are just a few of my podcasting heroes).

It’s kind of like watching baseball from your couch for a decade and then being called up to the big leagues to hit an Adam Wainwright curve ball.

'It feels good to be back' Wainwright finds curveball ...

Ok, it’s not really anything like that.

First of all, I’m not podcasting against anybody… (well maybe Ronald McDonald and friends… but I’m too small a fish to be on their radar).

Second, the reality is that I’m not necessarily a “bad podcaster”, but really just an inexperienced one.

I heard a quote (on a podcast) the other day that brought this to pinpoint crystal clarity for me.

Seth Godin, super-author of a kajillion best-selling books, relays the following interaction that he has with aspiring writers complaining of chronic imposter syndrome.  Per Seth:

“Every time somebody tells me that they’re a bad writer, I say,


This quote stopped me in my tracks.

What Seth is obviously relaying here is that it’s not a matter of not having the ‘skill’ of writing.  It’s about doing the work necessary to acquire said skill.

Eric Thomas, motivational speaker and business mogul, reiterates the same philosophy,

“Of course you’re a bad writer.  Because you have never written.”

“Of course you’re a bad speaker.  Because you have never spoken.”

12 Eric Thomas Quotes to Make You Strive Towards Your Goals

We all do this to some degree.  But it didn’t always used to be this way.

When you were a child and took your first steps, you didn’t tell yourself, “I’m a bad walker,” and then give up on walking.

You didn’t give up on tying your shoes.

You didn’t give up riding a bike without training wheels.

And it’s a good thing because there’s something pretty creepy about 35-year olds who crawl everywhere in Velcro shoes and use tricycles for transportation.  (Trust me… I have enough problems procuring dates without stacking these odds against myself.)

Which means that at some point we LEARNED helplessness.

We learned how to give up.

We learned how to build a story… how to spin a narrative… how to rationalize our ineptitudes.

And we forgot the most fundamental truth of all, which is that human beings are, above all things, ADAPTABLE.

You’ve got to be willing to push through that pain of being “bad” in the beginning.

As the great philosopher Eminem puts it in his song ‘Phenomenal’,

“Who the <bleep> taught you to persevere?

There aint’ no situation that you ever had to respond to that’s averse…

The messiest thing you’ve ever gone through is your purse.”

Eminem - michael58 Photo (30629794) - Fanpop


You say you’re not a morning person, but how many consecutive mornings have you actually gotten up and consciously tried to reframe that?

You say you can’t do pushups, but how many pushups have you done?

You say you’re bad at time management, but can you show me your calendar with all of your meticulously outlined activities?

You say you’re too old to learn tech… but that’s the biggest crock of BS on the planet… at least be honest… tell yourself that you’re not willing to put in the time to learn the facebooks and the interwebs.

You’re not “bad” at it… you’re just being stubborn.

And, secretly, you know it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more comfortable to believe you’re ‘incapable’ than to believe you’re just ‘lazy’.

Ponder on that one for a moment.

It’s not that you’re “bad” at anything… you’re just inexperienced at certain things… you just haven’t put in your reps.

Of course, I’m prone to believing I’m a ‘bad’ podcaster… because I have never podcasted before.

My new podcast is probably not going to win any awards on the first couple of episodes.

But I have to put in the reps to see any progress or growth.

My favorite podcasters are all humbly aware that they’ve developed a considerable skill in their craft having 200… 400… 700… 1100 episodes under their belt.  But each of them also conveys how much they cringe when they go back and listen to their oldest content.

But you need those cringe-worthy reps to ascend to the ‘I’m-a-flippin-boss-at-this’ status.

Will Smith is one of the most sought after actors in the world.

But if you check out early episodes of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, you can see Will mouthing the lines of the other actors as he waits for his turn to speak.

Will could have stopped there and said, “I’m bad at acting”…

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Costume | DIY Guides for ...

Instead he relentlessly beat on his craft until he became the best in the world.

Catch these thoughts when you hear them.

Cross examine them like a ruthless prosecuting attorney.

Call yourself out on your BS.

Remember the truth.

1.       You’re a human being.

2.       Humans beings are adaptable.

Then, decide… “Is this a skill I want to cultivate?”

If yes, get ready to work.

If no, Nike probably makes a Velcro sneaker in your size. 

I just recorded episode #4 of my podcast.  And while it’s a long ways from my standard of phenomenal… I’m already gaining confidence and starting to feel like I’m finding my voice.

It’s not insane to try something you think you’re “bad” at…

“Insanity is coasting through life in a miserable existence when you have a caged lion locked inside and the key to release it.” 
(Quote from the movie, Wanted)




CJ’s Book of the Week: 

“Beyond Training” by Ben Greenfield


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