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Skedge 7/2/18 (The Half-Way Point…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on July 1, 2018

Happy ‘Merica Week!

AMERICAN MEMES image memes at relatably.com


Yes, Virginia… There is Bootcamp on the 4th of July

We’ll do one class @ 7am on Independence Day (Wednesday).

Be there or be a communist.  😉

Saturday Links: Back to the Hate - St. Louis Game Time


The Half-Way Point

You did it!

You’re half way there!

Half way to the end of 2018!

Dun… Dun… Duuuuuuuunnnnnnn!!!

Oh… that doesn’t excite you?

You wish time would slow down?

You’re nowhere near where you thought you’d be on January 1st?

Don’t panic, Young Padawan…

You Still Have Much To Learn Young Padawan on Memegen

There’s still six more months for you to make your mark on 2018!

Making your way around the sun is a marathon… not a sprint.

Actually, in a real marathon, getting to the half way mark is a massive check point.

13.1 miles behind you, 13.1 miles to go.

In that sense, marathons are pretty easy compared to living a worthwhile year.

In a marathon, every step you take gets you closer to the finish line… closer to your goal… closer to a deep fried corndog… no, you don’t have to eat it!

Granted it takes a lot of steps to get there, but as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you will eventually get there.

Having a worthwhile year is different.

Every day… every hour… every minute… we take a step towards December 31st. (The 2018 finish line.)

And while it takes a lot of steps to get there… not all of those steps count as progress towards our goals.

We get to June 30th (the half-way point) and reflect, “Where did the time go?”

10 minutes, here, on adorable kitty videos.

Cute & Funny Kitten | New Pictures-Images | Funny And Cute ...

30 minutes, there, having political debates on Facebook.  (You TOTALLY convinced everybody, by the way…)

3 hours invested watching millionaires play a kid’s games. (#GoCards #GoBlues #GoWarriorsOrGoCavsBecauseApparentlyThereAreNoOtherBasketballTeams)

3 days re-organizing your bedroom.  (It’s definitely more feng shui with the TV on the far wall…)

1 week binging Netflix and ordering takeout.

And bit by bit… a little becomes a lot.

Jesse Itzler, wrote one of my all time favorite books, Living With a Seal.

He’s just published a new book that’s in my Amazon cart, called, Living with Monks.

Living with the Monks - Hachette Book Group

He’s been making his rounds on the top podcasts lately and continually reiterates his new found respect for TIME.

Jesse spent 15 days in a monestary with the monks and almost lost his mind in the first 3 minutes of solitude with no phone, no computer, no TV, and no distractions. (Can you imagine??)

Just Jesse.  And his thoughts.

He immediately started planning to shorten his stay to 5 days instead of 15… but realized his discomfort was a sign that this was something he needed to go through.

Jesse’s no stranger to discomfort.  He’s run ultra marathons which is actually where he met the infamous Navy Seal alluded to in his first book title, David Goggins.  (Jesse, by the way, was running a 100 mile race as part of a RELAY team who had trained for months and was armed with recovery nutrition.  Meanwhile, Goggins had no team, was untrained, was running the whole thing solo, and had only a package of crackers in tow.  Lol.  He’s a different breed!)

But the discomfort of being alone with his thoughts where time slowed down to a crawl was a new kind of challenge Jesse didn’t know how to deal with.

But one of the lessons he’s been driving home to every podcast host he’s encountered is this:

Reverse engineer your time.

For instance, Jesse asks… “Are your parents alive?  How old are they?  How often do you see them?”

Tom Bilyeu responds in order… “Yes.  70.  Once per year.”

Jesse Itzler on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

[Full interview here:  https://impacttheory.com/episode/jesse-itzler/]

Jesse continues, “The average life expectancy is 78.  Assuming your parents live to that age… you don’t have 8 years with them… you have 8 total visits with them.”

Yikes!  This is a pretty profound realization.

So the question becomes, what do you really want to do with your parents in those last 8 visits?

What would you regret not having done with them?

What would you want to say?  What would you want to ask?  What would you want them to know?

If you wait… if you hesitate… if 8 years drift by… you may have missed your chance.

But, if you reverse engineer it, you can make those 8 visits count.

AND you can do the same with your life.

You can do the same with a year.

You can do the same with the last 6 months of 2018.

Reverse engineer.

What would make you proud to have accomplished by the end of 2018?  What’s the vision?  What are the goals?  Now break down those goals… reverse engineer.

Wanna write a book by the end of the year?  Cool!  Break it down.  What are the bite sized chunks that will get you there?  What are the steps that need to be taken to get to that finish line?  What are the chapter topics?  How many words per day?  How much research needed?  How much time blocked off where you focus on nothing but writing?

How.  Will.  You.  Get.  There?

I know you’re busy.

E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y is “busy”.

But if you’re not willing to take these simple steps, then just be honest with yourself…

You’re a dreamer, not a doer.

You’re a wisher, not an action taker.

I caught myself thinking this thought the other day…

“I just need to kill some time before dinner.”

I stopped dead in my tracks.

“KILL???  TIME???”

Who the hell do you think you are?

15 Times Stewie Griffin Said What We Were All Thinking 15 ...

We don’t kill that which is valuable to us.

Nobody says, “I just need to kill some money before dinner.”

Unless you’re the Joker and you have an infatuation with CHAOS.

Kill weeds…  Kill moles… Kill foot odor…

But don’t ever… ever EVER… set out to kill time

Yes, I know it’s “just an expression”.

But words are powerful.  More so than we realize.

Martin Luther King moved the masses with the power of words.

So did Hitler.

Your words and the energy and the intent behind them are powerful. 

Be careful which ones you’re using.  Even, and especially, the unspoken ones (aka your thoughts).


You can reverse engineer your level of happiness by selecting thoughts that you choose to entertain.

You can reverse engineer a special 8 visits with your parents that you’ll carry with you forever.

You can reverse engineer July, August, September, October, November, and December of 2018.

Or you  can kill some time.  Keep dreaming.  Keep drifting.  Keep stagnating in place while the clock winds down on your life.

I’m sure things will get easier in 2019.


Flo-Ridaz33 7.0 Teaser...and Version 1-6 evolution pics ...




CJ’s Book of the Week: 

“Vibe” by Robyn Openshaw


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