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Skedge 6/25/18 (Doing What You ‘KNOW’…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on June 24, 2018

 Game on [fname]!

Doing What You ‘KNOW’…

Here’s what I know…

know I should write my blog post on Monday… but sometimes I procrastinate until the end of the week.

know I should set deadlines for my important goals… but it’s easier to say, “I’ll do it later.”

know I should clean out the chicken coops more regularly… but chicken poop is icky!

know I shouldn’t be watching too much TV… but it doesn’t always keep me from motoring through two full seasons of Daredevil on Netflix in the span of two weeks.

Daredevil Netflix Wallpaper | HD Wallpapers News

(And I know I should probably regret that last one… but Daredevil is flat out amazing!)

I know what I should do…

But I don’t always do what I ‘KNOW’.

Maybe you can relate…

Most of you ‘KNOW’ that your heels should be in contact with the floor when you squat.  You know this!  I’ve drilled it into your brains.

The 8 Best Exercises for Kids | BluePrint Fitness Atlanta

You’d get it right on an exam.

You could probably even notice somebody else doing it wrong.

But sometimes you get distracted by a friend talking about their favorite pudding shot flavors… and magically those heels levitate from off the floor!


Some lessons need to be re-learned over and over and over again… until eventually your body can execute while the brain goes somewhere else.

In athletics, this is called muscle memory.

Agassi can hit a backhand with precision because he’s been doing it since he was wearing diapers.

TIL Andre Agassi played a Davis Cup match in 1992 wearing ...

[He eventually graduated to jorts and pink spandex… a look I may have to steal…]

But even the greats don’t execute perfectly.

Jordan missed a lot of game-winning shots.

Tiger will still put a ball in the woods every now and again.

Every batter strikes out.

Every pitcher gives up home runs.

When you fall off track… when you get out of the zone… you have to get back to basics.

You have to do what you KNOW

Pay attention when you get frustrated… upset… angry… fearful.

These are all signs that something’s gone awry.

Many times, we know ‘WHAT ‘to do if we can reach a moment of calm and review our own history.

What’s helped you in the past??

Maybe there’s a quote, a Bible verse, a podcast, a speech, a blog post, a meme on Instagram…

5 Admin Skills That a Candidate Can't Fake - Social Talent

[Maybe not this one…]

Something that hit you just the right way at just the right time.

Go to your archives.  What’s helped you change your state in the past?

What’s helped you get out of a jam?… Get over the hump?… Get your groove back?

Use that weapon again.

If your knees hurt when you squat, get back to the cues that helped you execute properly in the past.  Feet grabbing the ground, weight in your heels, knees pointing same direction as your toes, don’t let the knees knock inward, co-contract your glutes and your quads, keep the core cinched in, back flat, body upright, focus on the muscles executing the movement… check with CJ when you forget.  😉

Sometimes you remember bits and pieces, but can’t put the whole puzzle together.  Sometimes you have to seek outside of yourself for wisdom you haven’t acquired yet.

Andy Frisella helped me figure out one of my frustrations in a recent podcast of the MFCEO Project.  (Must listen to this show if you own a business… or would like to… or just like in-your-face inspiration with none of the candy coating… and you aren’t offended by colorful language… The name of the show should give you an indication…)

The Power Of Perspective

I’ve been frustrated that I haven’t launched my podcast yet.  And I couldn’t figure out what’s been holding me back.

Frisella points out, first and foremost, that not everybody should have a podcast.  First, you need something to say.

Point taken, Andy.  But what if I do have a message?

Andy continues, that if you’re having trouble getting started, you’re probably thinking too much about yourself… who’s going to listen… will people think I’m stupid… how many likes will it get… when can I monetize it… what’s in it for me?

All of those questions are internally focused.  And a podcast is really about providing value for an outside audience.

I already KNEW that… but it’s empowering to be reminded of this and hear it articulated in a different voice. 

Sometimes you have to seek out that other voice.

Because when you’re stuck, the only voices you’re likely listening to are the ones in your own head.  And those voices are typically reruns on a loop that aren’t helping you escape your current predicament… perhaps, even negatively reinforcing it.

So taking Andy’s advice, what else do I KNOW that I can combine to this equation?

I KNOW that for any goal a deadline is powerful.

I KNOW that for any goal to become REAL it can help to make yourself accountable to a larger audience.  (It’s scary… but that’s why it works.)

So, in keeping with what I KNOW… It’s time to execute:

The “Wrestle Your Potential” podcast launch date is set for on or before August 6th, 2018


That gives me enough time to record a backlog of episodes and figure out how in the heck to get those uploaded to iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast sources.

And it’s also a close enough deadline to make me a cringe a little bit.

Will I succeed?

Only time will tell.

But at least I’m finally doing what I KNOW to do.

What do you KNOW to do that you haven’t been doing lately?

Getting enough sleep?

Getting to your workouts?  (I know not ALL of you are on vacation!  Lol.)

Spending time with the kids?

Incorporating some fun time?

Whatever it is…

Stop ‘KNOWING’ what you should do.  And start DOING what you should do.

It’s the only way to get that monkey off your back.

And when you’re not sure what to do… it’s time to start seeking.

There’s no shortage of resources out there.

There’s only a shortage of resourcefulness.

If you need some extra accountability… I’m only an email away.  😉

And since there are no more episodes of Daredevil at present… I should have plenty of extra time on my hands to execute on my goals.

What are yours?  🙂




CJ’s Book of the Week: 

“The Art of Fear” by Kristen Ulmer


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CJ Thomas

Owner, Operator, & “CeejEO”

St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp

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