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Skedge 6/11/18 (How to Save the World…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on June 10, 2018

How to Save the World…

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors and has starred in such blockbusters as Titanic (where he fights a cruise ship), Inception (where he fights people’s dreams), and The Revenant (where he fights a grizzly bear).

Leonardo DiCaprio Will Finally Win an Oscar for The ...

In the latter, Leo’s filming took him from the arctic tundra of Alberta, Canada to the snow covered tip of Argentina.

I heard Leo express at an awards ceremony his deep concern for the state of our environment.  He’d witnessed first hand the melting glaciers.  He’d become convinced during his travels that the human footprint on the planet was taking a grave and serious toll.

He spoke passionately as a room of his colleagues and a world full of arm chair fans hung upon every word.

He emotionally conveyed the need for mankind to unite an effort to change our ways  if we were going to have a planet at all to pass on to our grandchildren.

The crowd roared with applause.

Leo dropped the mic.

And went home on his private jet leaving a carbon footprint that will exceed what most “normal people” will put out in a lifetime.


Fellow eco-evangelist, and former Vice President, Al Gore, is issuing similar warnings about global warming in his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

'An Inconvenient Truth' Sequel to Debut at Sundance ...

Ironically, Gore’s ‘inconvenient truth’ is that he likes to dish out medicine that he won’t take himself.

Per the National Center for Public Policy Research, Gore’s Tennessee home “guzzles more electricity in one year than the average American family uses in 21 years.”

In one month last year, the report found, Gore’s home consumed more electricity than the average family uses in 34 months.

The electricity used just to heat Gore’s swimming pool would power six homes for a year.

But perhaps he deserves to consume his unfair share of extra juice… ya know…  having invented the internet and all…  😉


The message from America’s elite is simple… Do as I say… not as I do.

So-called philanthropist, Bill Gates, agrees that humans are damaging the earth and depleting the resources therein.  Bill’s solution (which he’s oddly ok with openly discussing) is to de-populate the planet.

Kinda makes you wonder… Who’s on the chopping block in that grand diabolical scheme?

Bill Gates says these fields have the most potential

I’m guessing his A-lister buddies will be in the clear.  But some of the rest of us “normies” are probably considered “expendable”.

If you’ve seen the new Avengers movie, Big Papa Gates’s plan is much the same as super-villain Thanos.

Josh Brolin As Thanos In Avengers Infinity War 2018, Full ...

With the difference being that Thanos intends to wipe out only HALF of humanity indiscriminately… while Gates conspires to eclipse that total while certainly playing favorites.

What would be your message to save the world?

Maybe you could do better wielding Gates’s robust bank account.  Or Leo’s level of influence.

Maybe with Thor’s hammer… or Captain America’s super strength… or Iron Man’s high tech suit…  You and I could do some real good out there.

Upcoming Marvel Movies | Rumors, Release Dates, and More ...

Maybe then… WE could save the world.


But consider this…

A recent survey showed that the majority of people concerned about global warming are not recyclers.

(Read that last line again.)

You’re concerned about the world turning into a flaming ball of lava… but you won’t take the simple (free) step of separating your aluminum from your plastics.

And you wanna be Iron Man?….

tsktsk | Mind Body Soul

Yes, the world has problems.

Yes, we should be concerned.

Yes, we should take action.

But what action should we take?

According to Jordan Peterson, it’s this:

Set your own house in perfect order before you criticize the world.

Per Jordan, “Don’t blame capitalism, the radical left, or the iniquity of your enemies.  Don’t reorganize the state until you have ordered your own experience.  Have some humility.  If you cannot bring peace to your household, how dare you try to rule a city?”

Think back to the recycling example above.  People want to point fingers at problems, but expect the government or corporations or other people to rectify the situation on their behalf.

After all, what difference can ONE person make? 

BUT… if everyone would take Peterson’s advice to embrace personal responsibility, that’s the accumulated effort of a lot of individuals doing the right things.

Small actions add up in the billions.

“But my neighbors won’t recycle!…”

So what!… Does that absolve you of your moral/ethical/personal responsibility?

After all, your positive action could inadvertantly influence others… not to mention build your confidence towards taking more positive actions that domino in your own life.

Put your house in order FIRST.

Make your bed.

Move your body.

Be honest.

Do what you know you ought to be doing.

This is why I loved Derek’s Facebook post last week…

(Apologies… Derek’s language can be colorful at times.)  😉

First of all, it takes a lot of guts for a personal trainer to publicly announce his weight gain to the masses.

But more importantly, Derek is taking charge of the situation and owning every decision that’s led him to this point (#OffBrandOreos)… while becoming aware of his power to alter his own circumstances.

That shows character. 

It’s contrary to the other narrative you’ll hear more commonly on Facebook…

I don’t have time…

I wish I could…


The struggle is real…

It was National Donut Day…  

Yes… it feels good to complain… to vent.. to have your friends rally around you and tell you it’s ok… But if you really want change in your life, you have to take ownership.

You have to put your house in order.

And stop pointing fingers at everybody else who doesn’t have their sh*t together.

If you can’t do that, but wind up inventing the next internet… we’ll give you a pass.  Lol.  😉


To recap…

This post is not about recycling or global warming or celebrities or fictional superheroes.

It’s about YOU.

The ‘YOU’ that you can be when you accept your own personal power.

The ‘YOU’ that you can be when you stop complaining that your efforts are too small and won’t move the needle… and recognize that your efforts are, in truth, the only thing that CAN move the needle.

Put your house in perfect order first.

…That’s how you save the world.  😉




CJ’s Book of the Week: 

“Glow 15” by Naomi Whittel


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