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Skedge 5/21/18 (The Quick Fix…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on May 20, 2018

You better lose yourself in the moment!!! 

The Quick Fix…

Quiz for the day…

9 pills… You can only take 3… Which ones would you take???  
(Study the meme below.)

I came across this little game on Facebook this week (during one of my less productive moments).

It caught my attention and I proceeded to survey the responses in the thread below.

What I discovered fascinated me for a few reasons.

One… this perfectly typifies the mindset of our culture.  Not to mention the current model of Western medicine.

Got a problem?  Take a pill.

Dr. Mario Full HD Wallpaper and Background | 1920x1080 | ID:587470

Heartburn?... Pill.

High blood pressure?… Pill.

Anxiety?… Pill.

Don’t like the taste of spinach?… Pill.

Got love handles?… Pill.

Side effects from pills?… More pills.

Before I proceed, I’ll grant you, that pills do have their place.  They can certainly be beneficial.  Alleviating pain.  Supplementing deficiencies.  And even saving lives.  (So, no, I’m not “anti-pill” as much as I am anti-outsourcing-your-decisions/work/lifestyle changes/etc-to-getting-a-capsule-to-do-the-work-for-you.  I’m anti seeking the easy way out when better options exist.)

What’s become disturbing, in my estimation, is our dependency on pills… our desire to seek them out as a PRIMARY measure of remedy. 

In fact, many become annoyed when we haven’t yet created a pill to heal their particular ailment.

Fear not my friend… more pills are coming.

The real danger is in believing that pills provide cures

In reality, pills are designed to treat symptoms.  But where they fail is in addressing the root cause of what led to those symptoms in the first place.

All my gardeners out there know if you don’t pick a weed by its roots, it will continue to come back (like Michael Myers in the Halloween movies) to wreak havoc indefinitely.

Easy Weeding - How to Get Rid of Weeds in Your Vegetable ...

Such is the case with our physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual ailments.  It would behoove you to address the root causes of those issues.

There’s no pill that will ever cause you to buy kale over Klondike bars.  Nor can a pill perform a burpee on your behalf.

But most people are less interested in root causes and the deeper work needed to rectify the situation… seeking instead the immediate results.

Paradoxically, instant gratification comes at the expense of our long term fulfillment.  (See Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules For Life”- Rule #7) 

You can numb the pain of a broken nose with pain killers… but you may want to set that puppy straight again (thus, addressing the root cause) if you want it to heal properly… (unless your goal is to become the next Owen Wilson impersonater).

Bad haircut bird. : pics

Second, if you go back and look at the options, I’m stricken by the fact that 3 of the 9 have to do with physical changes to our bodies. 

Pill #2:  Eat with no consequences

Not surprisingly, this was on most people’s Final 3 list.  And I’ll grant you, I see the appeal.  (If I were to take this pill, Ben & Jerry’s stock would probably rise overnight.)

Pill #3:  Stop 1 addiction

This one got more votes than I would have anticipated.  Not because there are a lot of tweaker crackheads on Facebook that can’t control their urges… But because those who selected this option were quick to point out that their addiction was directly related to food/sugar/snacking, etc. and they were desperate to get it under control.

Pill #4:  Change 1 body part

Again, not a big surprise to me that people wanted to change at least one part of their body.  It’s largely why trainers like myself even have an occupation.  Too much unwanted jelly in the belly… Too much juice in the caboose… Too much cushion for the… (Hmmmm… I better stop there…)

Point being, people want a better bod… and a pill that would get that for them (without the sweat, the work, and the cost of their time) would sell like hotcakes.  (Interestingly, hotcakes are part of the problem.)

McDonald’s Hotcakes | velverse

Those surveyed seemed less interested in becoming famous (Pill #7) or erasing bad memories (Pill #8)… They just wanted to get their health in order.

It’s been said that if you can conquer your diet and exercise regimen, you can conquer damn near anything.

Indicating that, yes, this is hard.

But also, yes, if you’ve got it within you to win this battle… future battles will become less daunting.

Wage the war for your health.  It’s worth the effort. 

Third, if the above pills could perform the miracles they’re marketing… 

Would You REALLY Want to Take Them?

“Soooooooo… $500/day for life (Pill #9)?  Uhhhhhh yea, CJ!  Sign me up, bro!”

I get it… free money sounds amaz-balls!

And downloading skills (Pill #1) like Neo downloads kung fu in the Matrix?…   That’s almost too cool for words!!

Lawrence Public Library

But at some point, we lose the challenge that keep life spicy.

What if you could take ALL the pills including the ones not listed here?  Imagine having ALL of your battles won for you instantaneously…  

You did it!… You got the fame…. Got the fortune… Got the bod… Got an immortal pet… And the ability to learn chess mastery, quantum physics, and how to play the digeridoo in nanoseconds…

Nothing is off-limits!  You get it all!  And it cost you nothing!

But you also earned nothing. 

You didn’t do the studying.  You didn’t clean up your diet.  You didn’t do the starfish crunches.  You didn’t earn the income.  You didn’t practice your golf swing.

Which means you didn’t grow.  You didn’t acquire courage points.  You didn’t contribute.  You didn’t inspire.  You didn’t sacrifice.  You didn’t evolve.  You didn’t adapt.  You didn’t become more disciplined.

You didn’t DO anything. 

So you wouldn’t feel the sense of accomplishment that comes by way of wrestling your potential.

After you’ve filled up every need by filling your stomach with magic medications… you’ll likely feel emptier than ever before.

Such is the complexity of the human spirit.

Nothing ventured.  Nothing gained.

Stop praying for magic pills.  And start reveling in the personal power you have to engineer the life you want to live.

It will be messy.  It will be painful at times.  It will require some personal sacrifice.

But that’s what makes it worth it!

We need a little chaos with our order.

We need a little yin with our yang.

Fourth… Yes, I know this pill meme is really just a game designed for fun and to maybe get to know your friends (and their deeply seated insecurities) better…

But to me it’s always worth examining the mind. 

What does this game and our internal responses to the questions say about us?

Is it really just a game?… Or are we actually waiting with bated breath for pharmaceutical salvation?

What are the subconscious programs running behind the scenes that drive our real world actions and color our perception of the world?

Are we truly living with personal power?  OR are we living with aimless hopes that some outside force will come solve our problems for us?

The answers to these questions will largely shape the outlook of your life. 

The only pill that really attracts my attention is “The Red Pill” in the Matrix.  Neo’s (Keanu’s) choice to take the ‘Red Pill’ is merely symbolic of the choice to face reality head on.

To have the blinders taken off.

To see past lies.

To put away false stories.

To embrace the tragedy and the blessing that is Reality.

Meanings of The Matrix | Subliminal Spaces

Take the Red Pill… and chuck your other prescriptions in the garbage.

(Note:  CJ is not a doctor and this is not medical advice.  This blog is intended for inspiration, entertainment, and personal reflection purposes only.  Consult your doctor before throwing away your prescriptions.)  😉  #Lawyered  #Don’tSueMeBro




CJ’s Book of the Week: 

“12 Rules For Life– An Antidote for Chaos” by Jordan Peterson


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CJ Thomas

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