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Skedge 3/28 (My Streak is Over…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on March 27, 2016

Happy Easter Bootcamp!

The streak is over!…

Joe DiMaggio… 56 game hitting streak.

Martina Navratilova… 74 consecutive singles victories.

CJ Thomas… 391 days without being sick.

Yes, I’m such a nerd that I actually keep a “Sick Log” with my sick day stats.

You probably have that friend that says,  “I hardly ever get sick.”  But you could swear they’re hacking up a lung or on their death bed every other week.

So I decided to maintain some scientific integrity on the matter and started recording my stats for when I actually do get sick… what I can learn from it… and how I might do better moving forward.

In the process I think I developed a case of health hubris. 

I’d been so healthy for so long that I actually started to believe that I was invincible!

“Bring me your sick and sneezing masses!…  I’ll give them a great big bear hug and drink from their water bottles…  After all, it’s more likely that my health is contagious to them than their sickness is contagious to me!” 

All joking aside, I do think that it’s important we not live in such fear of the microscopic organisms swarming around us.

After all, it’s microscopic organisms that are responsible for our most vibrant health. 

Most people believe that they are a singular, autonomous organism.

1 human.

1 set of needs.

But the truth is, you’ve got entire ecosystems of microorganisms living inside and outside of you.  The cluster inside of you is commonly referred to as the “microbiome” in the health nerd ranks.

The microbiome is composed of “bad guys” and “good guys”.

Generally you want the good guy to bad guy ratio at 85:15. (B+ or higher.)

Lots of people in our culture have missed the mark… even showing an inverse proportion which you can imagine is destructive to your own personal health winning streak.

When the bad guys are overpopulating, they also call the shots.

Which is why you think you’re craving a donut…. But really it’s the baddies demanding more filth to flourish in.

Their cravings become your cravings!

Fortunately, you don’t need a mini-submarine to go inside and zap the baddies for you.

Just eat super nutritious food!  (Note:  Tofu, granola, and most store-bought dairy do not make the list!  …Please see Foodcamp and save your microbiome!… Click Here.)

Most of us know better than to question a pregnant woman’s food choices… After all, they’re eating for TWO!

In reality, however, every time you eat, man or woman, pregnant or not, you’re eating for 100 TRILLION!

A well-nourished microbiome is expressed in a super strong immune system.

Strong Immunity = Less Sickness = More Vibrant Health = HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY!

Meanwhile, a donut-nourished microbiome naps on the job.

“Sorry, your immune system can’t come to the phone right now.  Please hurl into this bucket and leave a message at the beep.”

So… back-tracking to where we started from…

After over an entire year running on flawless health (and being exposed to a large amounts of people and potential “bugs” daily), I thought I had officially graduated from Health University.

“I’ve got this nutrition thing down!  Nothing can touch me!”

And then it happened…

Monday Night:  “What was that forceful discharge of air from my lungs?  Wait, I’ve seen this before… That was a cough!  I guess that’s as close as I come to sick at this point!  Lol.  Off to bed.”

Tuesday Morning:  “Hmmm… lower energy than usual.  Odd, but that doesn’t prove anything.  Voice is a little raspy though.  Don’t acknowledge it!  Hide it!  Power through!  Keep the streak alive!”

Wednesday Morning “The horror…The HORROR!!”

“Is this what being sick is like?  This is awful!  How do people do this?  It’s official now… the streak is over.  Somehow you have to drag yourself in to Bootcamp and lead the peeps through the workout… Not sure if they’ll be able to hear me over this rebel menace inside my lungs.  I’ll try to act like I’m not suffocating while demo’ing the moves for the day.”

I have to admit, I went into a bit of a grieving period here (having snapped my health streak) including the stages of…

Denial… I don’t get sick.  You get sick.  I get awesome!  Leave me alone…

Guilt… Where did I do wrong?  Compared to the masses I’m a virtual health ninja… But in retrospect, there are still some holes in my game.  My honest reflections:

I haven’t been outdoors for any extended period in months… which means a lack of sunlight, lack of Vitamin D, lack of grounding/earthing (skin to earth contact has a healing magnetic electron exchanging force), lack of fresh air, lack of connectedness to anything that doesn’t have a screen.

Diet… I’m good!  But I buy the same products week after week.  Could use more variety…

Water… Tap water is not the greatest source of high quality H2O.  A whole home water filtration system or spring water would be ideal.

Too much stress?  Not enough meditation, reflection, fun time, big picture thinking, me time, personal growth…

Clearly there’s still room for improvement… but then I launched into the next phases:

Blame… “This is Derek’s fault!  He brought this hell into my house!  I’m gonna beat him with a pillow sack filled with oranges the next time I see him!”

“Or maybe… of course… CHICKENS!  That’s the only thing that’s changed in my environment recently.  I have farm animals in my living room!  That can’t be good can it?”

Acceptance… People asked if it was allergies on Wednesday… but I cannot tell a lie… I got sick!

Resolution… Now it was war! 

The streak was over, but I didn’t want the enemy attacker to be able to build up any streak of its own.  A new challenge emerges to see how quickly I can eviscerate my illness.

Though my bed was beckoning to me, I stopped after class to pick up a number of natural remedies which you can see in this video and I’ll list below.  After which, I drug myself home and slept for the majority of the day.


Thursday Morning:  Because I slept for so long on Wednesday, I was able to get up earlier than normal (even for me) at 3am on Thursday to begin dosing with every secret weapon I could think of in an effort to aid my microbiome into rallying the troops and returning me to 100%.

For the next 24 hours I was taking the following (natural, pill-free) remedies:

Lemon, garlic, ginger, herbal teas (elderberry, turmeric ginger, pu-her), medicinal mushroom powders (lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi, turkey tail), hydration, turmeric, black pepper, cayenne, fasting (didn’t eat any solid foods for a 24 hour+ period), followed by organic salad with probiotic apple cider vinegar and sauer kraut, apple cider vinegar (straight shots and gargling), essential oils (lavendar, lemon, peppermint– which helped opened my sinuses), prayer, lots of sleep, de-stress (no work despite my instinct to use the “down time” to do my self-assigned reading or complete online nutritional classes), sweat (despite really, REALLY not wanting to work out, I thought it would be beneficial to get the detoxifying effects of a sweaty workout in and the endorphins that come with it… And I gotta say, no regrets!)…

Perhaps the most healing thing I did was force myself to stay outdoors for 30 minutes on Thursday. 

I just stayed outside bundled up (due to my increased sensitivity to cold), but barefoot to stay in contact with the earth.  I closed my eyes, I breathed the fresh air (which was awesome), I let the sun shine upon my face, I let my mind go, I listened to the birds and the breeze, and let nature do its parts.

Human BEings BE inside way too much!

I’m proud to say that by the time I woke up on Friday, I felt like a new man.  Still a few lingering symptoms, but most certainly past the storm.

The whole experience was a bit humbling.

I’m not a believer that everything happens for a reason.  But rather that things happen and it’s up to us to assign a reason… or at least glean some takeaways.

Here are mine:

  • I’m not invincible… yet.
  • I’m don’t know everything… yet.
  • There’s still plenty of room for improvement in every facet of my game… and that will always be the case.
  • I’ve got renewed empathy for what other people are going through on a far too frequent basis and renewed in my quest to keep spreading my health gospel.
  • It’s asking a lot of myself to never have anyone to back me up ever.  Not because I’ll ever get sick again.  That will never happen.  😉  But even super trainers should probably take a day or a weekend off here and there.  So I’m working on finding a substitute trainer as we speak…

The streak ended at 391 days.  And I’m excited to see how badly I can shatter that benchmark.

After all, records are made to be broken.

Well… not all records.  The Cubs have the longest existing championship drought streak at 108 years (and still running).  And I figure that one is destined for eternity.  Lol.



P.S.-  Thanks to everyone for putting up with me on Wednesdy and Thursday if I wasn’t as audible as usual at class.  Actually, maybe you liked that.  Lol.

P.P.S…The winning name from the Bootcamp Chicken name contest is….

“Christina Egguilara”!!

Thanks to everyone who chimed in with a suggestion.  This one was the only suggestion that actually came up multiple times, so I pretty much had to!

Honorable mention goes to:

  • Friar Cluck
  • Princess Lay-a
  • Hen Solo
  • Hen Diesel
  • Weggsley Snipes (really liked that one)
  • Hengelina Jolie
  • Blake Shellton
  • Walker Free Ranger (I already have Cluck Norris…)
  • Shelldon Cooper
  • King Henry

Dishonorable mention goes to:

  • Peep  (I can’t name my organic, free-range, super chicken after a marshmallow product.  C’mon now… Lol!)


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