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Skedge 2/5/18 (What’s Different About THIS Super Bowl?…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on February 4, 2018

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“What’s Different About THIS Super Bowl?”

I love me a good quote.

Sometimes in just a handful of words you can get volumes of information, inspiration, and insight into a speaker’s character, philosophy, values, thought processes… the very essence of what makes them tick.

I love absorbing these little sound bites… golden nuggets of wisdom… that can alter your perception of reality… for the better.

We can glean a lot from our own experiences in life.  You’re probably much wiser now than you were 10 or 20 years ago.  (Sure, there may be a year or two in college where you actually get dumber.  But even the moments that would embarrass you if they were uploaded to your YouTube channel for the world to seeSo experience is a great teacher.

But the ability to learn from other people’s experiences (through books, quotes, videos, podcasts, observation, etc) allows us to take quantum leaps forward in our learning ability.

[Ironically, I think there’s a pretty good quote about leveraging other people’s experiences, but  I can’t seem to pull up that brain file at present. 😉 ]

But here’s a few quotes I heard this week that really got me fired up:

“Perseverance is a great substitute for talent.” –Steve Martin

Seven words, and you get a peek into the psyche that makes Steve Martin, Steve Martin.

Today, Steve is a comedy icon.

The uninitiated might look at Steve playing the role of a “wild and crazy guy” on SNL and think, “That guy’s a natural.”

It’s what we often think of celebrities, athletes, and musicians…

In Steve’s case, “He’s got the comedy gene.”

But of course, the story goes a lot deeper.

Yes, talent may give you a starting place.  You may stand out amongst your class mates or in your home town.  But to be elite… To become top of your field.. To bridge the gap from good to great… it takes, as Will Smith might say, “hours and hours of beating at your craft.”

20 Will Smith Motivational Quotes To Live By - Motivate ...

You can get that sense in Steve’s one-liner quote above.  He doesn’t consider himself talented.  He considers himself a practitioner.  A hard worker.  A never-say-die-er.

Steve was not an overnight success.  He started in entertainment in his teens as a juggler, tap dancer, and balloon sculptor. 

As a fan, you don’t see the road that got them to stardom.  You don’t see Eminem scribbling rhymes on scrap pieces of paper and getting beaten to within an inch of his life.

You don’t see Kobe practicing his 3-point shot after the game.  Before the game.  When nobody’s there.  After all the players and fans and coaches and workers have tucked themselves into bed.  Kobe remains… working through injuries.  Obsessing over the one mistake he made.  Studying game tape.  Looking for weaknesses in his own game and in that of his opponents.

And you don’t see Steve making a giraffe out of balloons.


All you see the end product of tons and tons and tons of perseverance

Similarly, I find that people will downplay the greatness of others for reasons they can’t even fully define.

Perfect example:  Tom Brady and Bill Belichik of the New England Patriots.

Look, I get it… as a St. Louisan, having watched this tandem defeat the once upon a time ‘St. Louis’ Rams in a Super Bowl, I’ll always have a twinge of distaste when these names are brought up in conversation.

But you can’t deny the incredible feats that these two have accomplished.

Which is why this quote stopped me in my tracks this week.

When asked by a reporter, “How will this Super Bowl be different than the last seven?”

Belichik responded, “It’ll be in Minnesota.”

I love this!

To most, this undoubtedly comes off as smug and non-chalant.  “Belichik’s too cool for school.  I hate his stupid sweatshirts… Deflate-gate… stolen video tapes…” Waaaah, waaaah, waaaah!

While Bill’s response may seem terse… dismissive… even a bit rude… Again, it speaks volumes!

What’s different??…  The venue.  That’s it!

The hours of prep time?  Unchanged.

The level of commitment towards getting the win?  Unchanged.

The drive, the desire, the planning, the preparing, the execution, the determination, the focus, the absolutely, painstakingly, back-breakingly, relentless approach to excellence and dynasty… Unchanged.

Because that’s how the greats roll.

They don’t care if you’re impressed or satisfied with their one-liner at the press conference.  They don’t care about the press conference at all.

They care about winning.  They care about achieving.  They care about the mission.  They care about outworking their opponents.  They care about the outcome.  They care about growing into their ever-expanding potential.

What do you care about? 

When’s the last time you thought about your goals?  (Don’t say January 1st!)

Are you saying the ‘right things’ at your own personal press conferences to humor yourself and satiate your ego?

Or are you being objective?

Are you being real?

Are you doing the one thing that really matters… taking action.  And not giving a damn what your haters, opponents, and inner critic may have to say about it.

Because action speaks louder.

I’ll leave you with one final quote from Tony Robbins,

“A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action.  If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.”

17 Best images about Tony Robbins Quotes on Pinterest ...

Much love,


P.S.– Need some additional inspiration??… I’ve listened to this clip over and over this week trying to get it to imprint upon my DNA:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9RbFNs_c_0


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CJ’s Book of the Week: 

“The Jungle Effect” by Daphne Miller


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