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Skedge 2/26/18 (Building a Fantasy Factory…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on February 25, 2018

Can you Smeeeeeeeeeellllllll what the Ceej is cooking!?


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“Building a Fantasy Factory…”

Rob Dyrdek is a man whose been attacked by a shark, chased by a tiger, and kissed by a bear.  He’s held 12 Guiness World Records.  He’s been a skateboarding phenom, designed his own shoes, opened skate parks, developed skateboarding leagues, built multiple businesses, and has gained fame as the star of such MTV hits as Rob & Big, Ridiculousness, and Fantasy Factory.

Rob Dyrdek shows Steelo Chronicle Movie Like Superpower ...

Not bad for a high school dropout whose only real skill seems to involve a skateboard.

If you’ve ever watched Rob play pranks on his buddies, dress up like a woman, or attempt to ride a mini horse… you’d probably think he was just a punk kid with a likeable smile and personality that somehow caught the eye of MTV execs who made him a star.

Rob & Big images Rob, Big, Mini Horse and Meaty wallpaper ...

You’d think he was lucky.

I know I did.

But there are a lot of punk skaters who earn a sponsorship with a clothing label, but quickly fade into obscurity after a few short years in a very niche limelight.

This could have easily been Rob’s story.

His sponsors were prepared to dump Rob and find a new face for their brand.

On the bright side, Rob had made some money and could probably have lived comfortably for decades to come.  But the thought of having peaked in his 20’s was highly unsettling… perhaps even downright soul-crushing.

As a result, Rob vowed to his sponsors and to himself that in the next year he would totally transform himself as a human being. 

And that’s exactly what he did.  Professionally… mentally… physically… Rob transformed.

Today Rob runs multiple businesses, structures his days for optimal productivity, embraces his role as a husband and father, and you can scarcely turn on MTV without seeing reruns from one of his famous shows.

Rob’s TV show, Fantasy Factory, features the kinds of things only kids dare dream about.  He has his own custom skate park, a giant foam pit with basketball hoops to catapult towards, and pretty much anything you can imagine on wheels.

Fantasy Factory | Justin Sullivan Photography Blog

All these material things are worth their weight in cool points.

But I think Fantasy Factory is just an analogy for the way Rob’s living his life.

If you think about those words… “Fantasy Factory”… it literally means the ability to turn your dreams into reality.

Most people have the dream… but few have the factory. 

And without the factory… you’re no more than a kid with a fantasy.

So what is it that sets Rob apart?

Rob's T-Rex

Rob drops a lot of clues to this answer in his recent interview on Impact Theory which you can check out here:  https://impacttheory.com/episode/rob-dyrdek/

But what caught my attention most was the importance Rob places on SYSTEMS.


I know… SYSTEMS doesn’t sound sexy… but I promise that’s WHY it’s so important and so often overlooked.

Yes… you need to have self-belief… you need to be confident… you need to take drastic action.

But systems are what take you from good to great.

Everybody’s got goals.  But few have the systems to connect Point A to Point B.

Because, in reality, the path requires steps A through Z.  And probably umpteen thousand sub-points in between.

Systems mean deadlines, due dates, action items, scheduled reassessments, course adjustments, prioritization, outsourcing, optimization, and checking all your actions against your larger over-arching goals.

If you fell asleep reading that last sentence… I can’t blame you… I almost face-planted my keyboard  writing it. 

But systems, BECAUSE they’re so cold, fixed, and unwavering actually protect your dreams.

Systems keep you accountable in a world where we can lose an hour of our day on Facebook without knowing it.  An entire week of workouts when we’re “just not feeling motivated”.  An entire month of creativity because we were just so “busy”.  An entire year of ambition because we drift without realizing it.  An entire lifetime because we believed in a devilish myth called “Someday”.

Systems reign you in from the insidiousness of drifting.  (You gotta read this book if you’re at all susceptible to drifting:  Outwitting the Devil.  Bone-chillingly inspirational!)

It’s not enough to have goals for the year.  You need goals for this month, for this week, for tomorrow. 

Tom Bilyeu, host of Impact Theory, and overall productivity cyborg, is so fanatical about systems that he does a self-evaluation of his progress every three hours.

Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory – Success Live

Maybe that seems obsessive… But that’s kind of the point.

Tom’s trying to build a movie studio that rivals Disney and sets people free from the self-imposed Matrix that imprisons their minds.

That’s friggin lofty! 

But only achievable with obsessive systemization.

If you’re not trying to rival a cinema-juggernaut, you can probably scale down this advice.

But if all you’re doing is the standard, annual life check-in on New Year’s… then frankly my dear, Your sh*t is BROKEN!

Are you building your fantasy factory?

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory - California Skateparks

Maybe it doesn’t include skateboard ramps, Lamborghinis, and massive foam pits with basketball hoops… maybe it does…  (BTW… If it does… invite me over sometime!)

Maybe it includes better relationships.  Maybe it’s having nicer things.  Being able to travel more.  Being able to spoil grandkids.  Having more energy.  Getting stronger.  Baking the world’s best peach cobbler.

Maybe you thought the thing with the tiger was cool…

But if you’re serious about getting there, it would behoove you to have systems in place to close the distance from A to B… OR X…Y… Z.

Most will nod their head in agreement that these are all good ideas.

But what good is a good idea if you’re not using it?

There’s a difference between having the idea for Uber… and actually building the business that’s exterminating taxi cabs.

The cool thing about the Fantasy Factory concept is bringing those ideas into REALITY.

Most people settle for the fantasy… and wonder on their deathbed if they could have done more.

But it’s the addition of the factory… of the system… of the procedures… that bring that fantasy to fruition.

Got a fantasy?… Start building the factory!

Much love,



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CJ’s Book of the Week: 

“The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, & Google” by Scott Galloway


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CJ Thomas

Owner, Operator, & “CeejEO”

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