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Skedge 12/3/18 (What Not to Worry About…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on December 3, 2018

December is upon us [fname]!


Save the Date!!

Bootcamp Christmas Party

WHEN: Saturday, December 15, 2018

WHERE: Kirkwood Station Brewing Company

105 E Jefferson Kirkwood, MO 63122

***That 80’s Band will be performing live

Are we doing “Adopt-A-Family” this year…?

We’ll be breaking from tradition a bit this year as Salvation Army successfully had all of their families adopted in advance.

So we’ll be playing the roll of Santa Clause for a different organization this year.

St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp is proud to be teaming up with St. Louis Children’s Hospital this year to make the holidays brighter for some kiddos that could use a little additional brightness and holiday cheer.

DETAILS HERE: https://stlfitnessbootcamp.com/2018-children/

Below you can find a list of the types of items they’re looking for. If you’d prefer to make a cash donation, you provide that to me in person at Bootcamp (or I’ll have a link and a page setup for online donations by next week). Here’s the wish list:

Toys, teen gifts, art supplies, video games, stuffed animals, and crib mobiles are just a selection of items that we are in need of. Please note:

  • All items must be new with tags or in original packaging.
  • New or gently used books are accepted.
  • Handmade blankets must be laundered prior to donating.
  • Gifts should be un-wrapped.

Wish List Top 10:

  1. Infant/toddler toys (i.e. music/light-up toys, teethers, rattles, crib mobiles)
  2. Arts and craft supplies (i.e. Play-Doh, markers, crayons, etc.)
  3. Uno & other card games
  4. Gifts for teens (refer to Lovelight list)
  5. Lego Sets
  6. Small playsets (Little People, small figurines, plastic foods, etc.)
  7. Action Figures
  8. Barbie dolls
  9. Small bottles of acrylic paint
  10. Ear buds/Headphones

Please bring any and all gifts to Bootcamp, and I’ll collect and make the drop off on your behalf.

Prefer to make a cash donation? You can do so in person at Bootcamp or you can use the Paypal link provided here:https://stlfitnessbootcamp.com/2018-children/

Thank you so much in advance for your kindness and generosity. This has been such a successful collection in years past due to the big hearts of our Bootcamp family. Much love! 😉

“What Not to Worry About…” 

I heard a quote this week that stopped me dead in my tracks.

I’d been feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that’s on my plate.

There’s so much I’m trying to get caught up on. I’ve been studying like a madman. I’ve been writing like a madman. I’ve been podcasting, creating workouts, and I’ve got about a billion plans for things I’d like to get accomplished to kick off the new year.

I worry that I’ll fall short.

I worry that I won’t get it all done.

I worry that there’s not enough time.

I worry that I’m not allowing for enough personal time.

I worry that worrying is bad for me which creates an impressive circular worry loop.

I was listening to the Impact Theory podcast while getting the equipment out for class this week when I heard this quote:

“There are TWO things that you should NEVER worry about. Things that you can control. And things that you can’t.”

I’m no mathematician… but if my calculations are correct, that leaves ZERO things to worry about! Lol.

If it’s something you have control over… Great! You can do something about it. Take action accordingly.

If it’s something you have no control over… Take heart… Your worrying about it is not going to do anything to improve the situation.

I know this sounds over-simplistic, but some of the most profound things are that way.

Worried you’re not a good enough parent?

Great!… That’s something you have control over. There’s no shortage of resources in today’s day and age to learn how to become a better mother/father figure.

Worried that you chose the wrong life path when you were 18 years old?

Stop it! That’s a waste of energy. No amount of Delorians is going to reverse what’s already been done. You have to operate from this moment forward. Obsessing over the past is an exercise in futility that will direct you towards the loony bin.

Worried that you won’t hit your goals for the end of the year?

Maybe you won’t. But as long as you give it your best effort, you should be able to sleep easy.

It doesn’t mean you’ll never have stress. It doesn’t mean there will never be sadness and heartbreak.

Those things are all part of life. By-products of things we can control… and the things we can’t.

But you needn’t add worry to the mix.

Worry will sap your energy, ruin your mood, infect those around you, steal your energy, and give you nothing in return.

And what’s interesting is, what you choose to worry about is one of those things you CAN control.

It’s easy to believe that you can’t control your thoughts.

But you can most certainly control the ones that you hold on to… the ones you entertain.

You do control your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, and your actions.

Beyond that, you gotta let go.

Ultimately, it all comes back to the advice by the great philosopher, Tony Horton:

:”Do your best and forget the rest.”

Blessings & much love!



This Week’s Podcast:

Episode 17: What If?…


Upcoming “Skedge” Workouts (12/3/18-12/8/18)







CJ Thomas

Owner, Operator, “CeejEO”

St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp

ph: 314-266-9729

email: CJ@STLFitnessBootcamp.com


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