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Skedge 11/13/17 (The Dorito Effect…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on November 12, 2017

Salutations [fname]!

The Dorito Effect…

Have you ever wondered why God is so mean?

Why are some born into riches and some born into poverty?

Why does He make some people seven feet tall and destined to make millions in the NBA.  While others are 4’7” not nearly tall enough to reach the cookie jar on top of the refrigerator?

17 Best Short People Quotes on Pinterest | Short people ...

And while we’re on the topic of cookies… why, oh why, in His infinite wisdom, does he make cookies taste sooooo dang good and broccoli taste like feet (comparatively), if the latter is supposed to be good for you?

I mean really… what gives, “Oh Mighty Smiter”?

You can double check your Bible, but I assure you there is no commandment stating that, ‘Life shalt be FAIR for all’.  Sorry, it ain’t in there.

The good news is we’re largely in control of the lives we create.

We’ve all heard rags to riches stories.

And while there are true tales of underdogs like the 5’3” Tyrone “Mugsy” Bogues making it to the NBA…

We can all agree that height provides a massive edge for some, while others need a foot stool just to give a high five.

The problem is not really God, but man. 

After all, it was man who decided that slamming an orange ball into an orange circle was a skill worth compensation to the tune of 7 figures or more.

If, by the same token, man collectively decided tomorrow that the far more worthwhile skill of being a great teacher (who supports, influences, and molds young minds) were worthy of millions of dollars and shoe endorsement deals… what an interesting world it might be…

(Were you just picturing the Geography Bee as an Olympic event, too?  …Or watching ESPN with two English teachers trash talking each other’s students in perfect Shakespearean prose?)

Thou Shalt Enjoy This Cinematic Hamlet Supercut - Jarvis City

So… it’s man that’s messed up acceptable compensation for professional careers.

Similarly, it’s man that has also messed up food.

You think you’re cursed by God because your taste buds prefer Doritos to sweet potatoes.

But what you’re experiencing isn’t a cruel practical joke by your creator.

It’s the result of extensive research and experimentation to turn a dull, ordinary corn triangle into a Zesty Cheese, Cool Ranch, or Spicy Sweet Chili ultimate flavor explosion.

The book, “The Dorito Effect”, details the painstaking process that went into engineering desired flavors for such palate pleasers as sweet, smoky, savory and beyond.

Why chicken doesn’t taste like chicken anymore | New York Post

According to author, Mark Schatzker, “The Dorito Effect, very simply, is what happens when food gets blander and flavor technology gets better… The birth of Doritos was a watershed moment.  Flavor wasn’t up to Mother Nature any more.  Now it was in the hands of the folks in marketing.” 

While Doritos helped pioneer the fake food movement, countless other organizations have been more than excited to follow suit.

Ultimately, man traded “farm-to-table” for “lab-to-table”.

They’ve become so good at engineering flavor in their products that some companies, like Lays, will even boldly wager against their consumers in their motto, “Bet ya can’t eat just one.”

Image result for lays betcha can't eat just one

Today, you can scarcely find a product on store shelves that doesn’t contain some form of “natural flavors” or “artificial flavors”.

Both are code for “Gotcha” in corporate speak.

This is why I often plead with people to stick to REAL FOOD.  Ideally, the kind that doesn’t even need an ingredient label.

Yet, one of the problems that Schatzker highlights is that even real food has become increasingly blander over time.

The apples… the tomatoes… the broccoli your great-grandmother had access to were more flavorful varieties (with higher nutrient content) than what you and I have easiest access to today.

“As breeders selected moneymaking traits like yield, disease resistance, and a thick skin for easier transportation, they ignored the genes that determine good flavor” …which turns out to be inextricably connected to nutritional content.

So here’s what you’ve got so far…

Humans seek flavor.  (It’s in your genes.  It’s part your biology.  It’s not just in your head.)

Fake food is gaining flavor.

Real food is losing flavor.

Humans are getting fatter, sicker, and sadder.

Big Food and Big Pharma are getting richer off or our dwindling health.

Dilemma… thy name is food.

Twas God created the tomato.

But twas man that transformed it into watery, flavorless, mush.

Is there any way to come back?

Yes!  Schatzker notes, that science got us into this mess.  And science can get us out.

There are a few scientists who have begun this journey en route to a utopian scenario in which we get the best of both worlds for corporations and consumers in the form of high yield and high flavor respectively (without using genetic modification).

However, these breakthroughs remain potentially decades away from making it into supermarkets (if ever).

In the mean time you’re going to have to take matters into your own hands.

Here’s some steps to win your personal food game:

1)      Don’t chicken out.

You needn’t fear the food industry… You just need to start learning their tricks.

For instance…

Is chicken healthy for you? 

Related image

If you’ve ever watched one of my ‘Would You Eat It? Wednesday’ videos, you know the answer is almost always the same:  IT DEPENDS…

What kind of chicken are you getting?

Is it the ‘broiler’ chicken that has been bred and engineered to build up p-o-r-n-industry-sized breasts?  A chicken so heavy that it’s anatomical skeleton can barely stand its own weight?  A chicken that eats an unnatural genetically modified diet and is pumped full of antibiotics to keep it alive long enough to slaughter?

Image result for cafo chicken

“The broiler of today looks plumper… grows in half the time… as the world’s fastest chickens did in 1948… weigh[s] a pound and a  half more and, even more incredibly, gets to that weight on a third less feed… If humans grew as fast as broilers, ‘a 6.6 lb newborn baby would weigh 660 lbs after 2 months.” [The Dorito Effect]

Perdue’s dream chicken should be your chicken nightmare. 

Grade A Perdue Whole Chicken / Lb

Not only is this an un-nutritious chicken but it tastes bland as hell.  Sure, you get more “chicken” for less cost with a broiler Franken-chicken on your plate, but the TRUE COST is flavor, nourishment, and satisfaction.

Schatzker tells a story a small farm raised, Barred Rock chicken (much like my own Jack Bauer).

The author gushes that the Barred Rock was far and away the “best chicken he ever had”.

Although he was skeptical at first…

The Barred Rock was a small bird that looked to be scarcely enough for a single serving.  But in a modern day miracle a la the New Testament loaves and fishes, that single tiny bird wound up feeding four adults with leftovers to spare (no seasoning needed!)

But actually it’s not a miracle at all…

When you experience REAL flavor and thus REAL nutrition from REAL food… you also experience REAL fullness sooner.

A Dorito can fool your taste buds.  But it’s providing none of the fuel or building blocks that your body requires for optimal living.  Which is why you end up licking the dust out of an empty bag of Doritos and wandering back to the pantry for the sustenance that neither the Dortio nor the standard broiler chicken can provide.

2)      Re-train your palate.

I hung out with some friends last weekend and decided to bring some almond butter protein balls as an appetizer.  [See recipe at the end of this post.]  With only five ingredients I thought I’d found the perfect semi-healthy, semi-sweet treat.  And to me, they tasted like super-sweet cookies!  But as far as my friends were concerned, they fell a little short of the mark.

Moral of the story… if you eat lots of sweet… you become de-sensitized to sweet over time.  I live on a diet of mostly vegetables and healthy fats.  So a little honey goes a looooooong way on my tongue.  Not necessarily so for the average American.

Fact is, many of us have been ingesting fake food since the time we were in the womb.  We drank fake formula in our bassinets.  We ate fake Lunchables at school.  We crammed Ramen noodles while cramming for exams.  And we expect a parade in our honor for suffering through an iceburg salad topped with “Light” Ranch dressing as an adult.

Image result for slow clap

If you think kale and Brussel sprouts and sardines are “icky” it’s likely because you’ve been practicing eating fake food your entire life.  You may have to try some of these unfamiliar characters up to ten times or more before you develop a taste for them.  (It would behoove you to kick out the other processed food en route to cleansing your palate- which, unbeknownst to many, is ever-changing and ever-growing with you!)

3)      Don’t get ripped off. 

I used to buy the 36 pack of eggs at Sam’s Club for $2.  I couldn’t understand why any fool would waste $5 for 12 eggs at Trader Joe’s.  What a rip off!

But in reality, the Sam’s eggs are the rip off.  Because they were ripping off my health.

Maybe all men were created equal, but I can guaran-damn-tee you that all eggs are not.

I know that managing the budget is a real concern.

But remember that with real food, you need less of it.

And especially when it comes to meat products, you’re far better off going vegan than buying the bargain brand.

Just sayin…

4)      Eat like a Utah goat.

Schatzker cites experiments done on a particular breed of goat that displayed amazing “nutritional intelligence”.  Goats exemplified proof-positive in a multitude of experiments that they knew how to eat for health.  They ate specific foods to fill nutrient deficiencies.  They stopped eating when they were full.  They sought out specific foods to cure specific ailments.

Related image

“Goats are not stupid after all… They experience need states.  They sniff, taste, and swallow [food] chemicals.  They feel curiosity, cravings, satisfaction, and delight along with aversions so strong a mere hint of something can make them turn away in disgust.  Flavor is what nutrition feels like to a goat.”

If this sounds like a foreign super power specific to only goats, keep in mind that humans have the same ability.

In another experiment, kids were given access to 30 different foods and left to their own choices.  Over the course of the study, kids proved that they were better suited to nourish themselves than certified nutritionists!…

Consuming more protein during growth spurts…  Increasing intake during periods of higher activity… Constipation was unknown…  Colds lasted no longer than 3 days…  One child even cured his own rickets (a Vitamin D deficiency) by drinking cod liver oil (high in Vitamin D concentration) until he was cured… and never touched the cod liver oil again.  (Children’s hatred of cod liver oil is legendary.  But nutritional intelligence allows them to develop a taste for it in times of need.)

You might be thinking that you don’t have these skills.  But that’s like saying you can’t hear whispering when you’re at a rock concert.  The fake food you’ve been consuming is gumming up your system and creating “excessive noise” that’s blunting your ability to exercise your God-given nutritional intelligence.

Embrace your inner goat.

5) Keep it tasty!

Most people think dieting is torture.  Which is why most diets fail miserably.

Dieting need not be torture… just like working out need not be torture.

Make it fun by finding combinations you truly enjoy.

The only way I’m able to eat clean 95% of the time is because I like everything I’m eating.

My stir fry in coconut oil seasoned with salt, pepper, cayenne, and tumeric is an absolute treat that I look forward to every day!

It doesn’t mean that I stopped liking ice cream.  But now I’ve evened the playing field…

Ice cream is tasty… stir fry is tasty… but only one of them provides me with health, energy, vitality, nourishment, 6-pack abs, and zero regret.

You can make pros and cons lists all day long, but your physiology craves taste… so lean into it.

Use your herbs, spices, clean fats, and ingredients to satisfy what your body craves.

Failure to heed this wisdom will result in falling off the wagon and starting over again on New Year’s Day in an endless cycle of gaining and losing.


Don’t worry about trying to get this all right in the course of a single weekend.

I’ve been actively studying health for the past 5 years and I’m still learning the nuances and subtleties.

So enjoy the journey.

But if you do a few of the basics I’ve outlined here, one change at a time, you’ll begin to break free from the Dorito Effect… and reclaim the health that man stole from you and God deeply desires for you.


I used this protein powder in mine:  Collagen protein

God bless!



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