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Skedge 11/5/18 (The Next Two Months…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on November 10, 2018

It’s November!!…

Can you believe it?!
Scary how fast a year can fly by, isn’t it?
Speaking of “scary” here’s some pics from the Halloween fun we had this week.
Things tend to speed up this time of year…
Halloween behind us, Thanksgiving on the horizon, Christmas and New Year’s soon to follow.
Amidst the parties and get togethers and celebrations it becomes easy to take your foot off the pedal. Easy to coast towards the finish line. Easy to put goals on hold… save those problems for 2019 [fname].
But who among us can afford to snooze through two months out of the year?
Even if all goes according to plan and I live to 150, sacrificing 1/6 of my life to lollygagging seems like an extreme waste of time.
It would behoove us to remember that “The Holidays” are only actually three days (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years). Perhaps 10 days if you’re celebrating Hanukkah… in which case Mazeltov!
But the “holiday season” can lull us into drifting which according to Napoleon Hill’s book, Outwitting the Devil, is exactly what the devil wants.
So I try to remind myself (and anybody around me willing to listen), not to drift through the final two months of the year.
Not to wait until the calendar turns over to start making some changes or at least putting together a written game plan to be acted upon.
Of course we want to take the time to reconnect with loved ones. But it needn’t come at the expense of that which we’ve been working towards for the better part of a year.
Trying every Christmas cookie that falls within arm’s radius only seems polite. (I mean… they went to so much trouble…)
But it’s not your responsibility to appease your aunt’s neighbor’s second cousin.
It’s your job to take care of you.
And your body doesn’t have a separate set of rules for junk food in December versus junk food during the rest of the year.
I know sucking down egg nog and pumpkin-flavored everything only seems like the rational thing to do (since it’s only around for a short portion of the year). But you’re also not responsible for the profitability of the egg nog industry or Starbucks…
You do you.
Already hit your sales goal for the year? Time to set the bar higher.
Already read the books you wanted to read? Read a couple more.
Already dumped a bad habit this year? Set your sights on the next one.
Two months is two months. It’s a lot of time. And it’s not “junk time” unless you allocate it that way.
Some of the best comebacks in history take place in the closing seconds of the game. What then, could you do with an entire two months at your disposal?
Will you be a better version of yourself in two months?
Or will you spend the first two months of 2019 atoning for the last two months of 2018?
Do the math… that’s 1/3 of a year spent trying to break even!
Yo-yo’s are a fine stocking stuffer, but hardly a model to live your life by.
There’s a lot of conversation around which politicians we should vote for in the upcoming election.
But in two months time, a couple things will be true:
One, we’ll no longer have to listen to Claire McCaskill and Josh Hawley casting stones at one another.
And two, regardless of who wins, you’ll still be in charge of you.
Claire won’t watch your carb intake.
Josh won’t make sure you get to the gym.
Trump won’t build a wall between you and the Christmas cookies.
So, politics aside… What kind of “you” are you voting for?
Actions speak louder than campaign promises.
After all, you don’t want to wind up looking like this guy…


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