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Skedge 10/5 (6 Keys to Happiness…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on October 4, 2015

Whoomp!  Skedge it is!

I’ve been reading Tony Robbins’s most recent book, Money: Master the Game.

In it, Tony prefaces the topic of money by discussing the WHY behind people’s pursuit of money.  In truth, each of us has our own stories about money and what it takes to get it… why it is or isn’t important… why we may have certain opinions about people who are wealthy or people who are poor, etc.

In many ways, your psychology about money largely influences your bank account balance.

And to a large extent you are where you are financially because of your beliefs about money.  (Don’t get mad at me, I’m just the messenger.)

But getting back to Tony’s point, WHY do we pursue money in the first place?

According to Mr. Robbins, there are 6 key reasons why we pursue money.  And it’s the same 6 reasons why we pursue anything in our life.  In other words, it’s not the goal (the cash, the toned body, the job title) that we’re seeking.  We’re seeking to fulfill 6 basic human emotions that make us feel happy or fulfilled in some way.

#1)  Certainty/Comfort

Essentially we all want to know that everything’s going to be ok.

#2)  Uncertainty/Variety

I find it hilarious that #1 and #2 are polar opposites.  No wonder we all have bouts of temporary insanity.  But it’s true.  If you knew exactly how every day of your life was going to go for the foreseeable future, you might go postal.  I think this is a leading cause behind depression… when people feel stuck… when they lose the variety (the spice of life)… they see no way out… they don’t want to go on.  Even Seinfeld reruns lose their luster if you watch them too often.  Don’t ask me how I know that.

#3)  Significance

We want to have meaning.  We want to have purpose.  Scratch that.  We need it!  We need to feel like we matter.  People seek significance in all kinds of ways.  Sometimes this is driven by ego.  Other times by more noble motives.  But when we feel like we don’t matter, it eats at our soul.

#4)  Love and Connection

Duh!  Nobody wants to live in isolation.  Even if they think they do.  We’re social creatures.  We crave connection.  Why do you think Facebook is so popular.

#5)  Growth

This is a big one.  If you’re not growing… you’re dying.  We have to feel like we’re making progress somehow.  Have to feel like we’re getting better in some way… in every way.  This is why we set goals in the first place.  It gives us a benchmark for growth.

#6)  Contribution

I’ll just quote Tony for this one, “Life is really about creating meaning.  And meaning does not come from what you get, it comes from what you give.  Ultimately, what you get will never make you happy long term.  But who you become and what you contribute will.”

Once again, this is not just about money… it applies to anything that you think you want in life.

Which is why it’s so incredibly vital that you get in touch with the WHY’s behind your goals.

This is why it was so hard for me to get back into fitness following college.  I know… I know… isn’t the trainer supposed to come out of the womb lifting weights?

But truthfully, I had a difficult time trying to get back into any kind of a habit.  When you’re in high school and active in sports, there’s always a competition coming up that you have to be ready for.  You have a strong WHY.

Coming out of college, I’d lost that strong WHY.  And had only a few very weak WHY’s.

  • Like wanting to look good with my shirt off.
  • And believing (falsely) that girls would inherently flock to a guy with a ripped bod.

But it’s hard to get motivated for the handful of events over the summer where I might actually find myself at a pool or on a float trip where I’d actually wind up sans shirt.  I’ll add that even if you do happen to look like Hugh Jackman I don’t think the girls come running up to you asking for dates.

Although somehow Wayne Newton still gets panties thrown at him on stage… and he looks like a Keebler Elf with the mumps. So who the hell knows what women want?

I digress…

The point is you need a strong WHY. 

And if you apply this lesson to fitness… people know they SHOULD do it.  In some cases they WANT to do it.  But they don’t know their personal WHY.

Let’s revisit those 6 human needs and see how fitness can get us there.

#1) Certainty/Comfort

Would being fit make you more certain, more confident, more assured of yourself?  Would you feel more comfortable in your life knowing that you wouldn’t get winded by climbing up a single flight of stairs?  Fitness is your foundation here… It’s futile to argue otherwise.

#2) Uncertainty/Variety

Who’s more prepared for the unexpected?  The fit or the un-fit?  (That’s a rhetorical question people…)

But this is also an element you want to have present in your fitness regimen (referring to variety.)  This is why I spend so many hours creating new workouts.  Some of you have been attending Bootcamp longer than I have but even in the past week you’ve seen some new moves that we haven’t done before.  We keep it fresh.  We challenge ourselves.  We test our limits.  And it’s sometimes helpful to have an outside event to help keep us focused as well… more on that in a minute.

#3) Significance

Yes, being fit can aid the ego portion.  That’s why we all flex in the mirror.  Seriously?  It’s just me?  Ok, forget I said that.

But what about your deeper WHY for significance?  For me it’s setting an example that I want to see in the world.  If you’re a parent, there’s just no way you can overlook this.  You HAVE to be an example.  You are whether you like it or not.  If you’re not proud of your current example, fear not, it’s never too late.  The comeback stories tend to be the most inspiring anyway.  How long will you wait to start yours?

#4)  Love and connection

What’s fit got to do with it?  Everything!

Anytime you’re too tired, have too little energy, feel cranky because you didn’t get your daily endorphins… you are literally robbing your loved ones of the best version of yourself.  An hour away from the kids doesn’t rob them.  Because 2 hours of 100%-You trumps 4 hours of 50%-You every day of the week.  Quality of time trumps quantity of time.  You don’t want to be 50%-You any more than Rob Lowe wants to be Scrawny-Arms-Rob-Lowe.

#5)  Growth

This one’s pretty obvious.  Some people keep getting better.  Others choose to slowly recede into immobility.  You decide…

#6)  Contribution

See #4– Love and Connection.  To contribute more, you must be more.  Your kids, your spouse, your friends, your loved ones, your co-workers, your charitable missions…  They all need your best and most vital self.

NOW… even knowing all of your in depth and personal WHY’s… it can STILL be hard to get going or even keep going.

Sometimes it helps to have an event to look forward to.  Just as football games and wrestling meets kept me jacked up about getting fitter in high school, an event like a 5k can add some needed nitrous to your engine to get you fired up again.

So when Sue Portwine came to me with the idea for a Bootcamp 5k event, I was all over it.

We’ve selected the Commitment Day 5k that takes place on January 1st @ 10am… only a few short months away.

I know… I flinched when I saw the date too. But I am really digging the idea of getting the first day of my New Year off to a great start… rather than my normal hangover and movie marathon day.

I love the name and the concept too:  Commitment” Day

Some people “dabble” their way through life.  They dabble in diets… in workouts… in business ideas that never take off.  Lots of people dabble.  Few commit.

What are you committed to?

I hope you’ll join me and Sue in committing to the Commencement Day 5k.

If you’ve never run a 5k before… now’s your chance!  I’ll note here, that running is not in any way, shape, or form a replacement or substitute for strength training!  But, I do think that everybody should be able to finish a 5k (3.1 miles).  (Even if you want to walk it.)

Sue can help get you there.  She’s got quite the comeback story herself…

Today she’s knocking out sprint triathlons like it’s her job. She knows what it’s like to get committed and stay committed.  And she’s amped up to help you do the same.

Reply to this email with your commitment and any questions.  If you’d like to train with Sue and the Manchester group, I’ll make sure you get connected and updated on when training runs are taking place to work your way up to a 5k… even if you don’t think you can make it a mile.  😉

And we’ll get you on our list and keep you posted on the practice runs schedule.

Many of you have done 5k’s before, but I still think this is a great way to make your declaration to 2016 that you are in charge!

I hope you’ll decide to join us.

Here’s the link to signup for the event: http://www.commitmentday.com/missouri/west-county/

I’ll give a month of free bootcamp to anyone who can beat my time… and a sweaty hug to anybody who wants one at the finish line.  😉

St Peters peeps… we’d love to have you in on this as well.  Sue’s training sessions will be held in close proximity to our Manchester-Vetta location.  So if anyone wants to take the lead to head up a similar group in St Peters… drop me a line.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



God bless!

CJ’s Book(s) of the Week:  “Money:  Master the Game” by Tony Robbins (a 600 page behemoth…may take me some time)

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CJ Thomas

Owner, Operator, & “CeejEO”

St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp

ph:  314-266-9729

email:  CJ@STLFitnessBootcamp.com

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