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Skedge 10/2/17 (Down n’ Dirty…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on October 1, 2017

What’s the deal-i-o [fname]?!

This past week was all about gettin down ‘n dirty…

A group of your Bootcamp brethren and I went to the Battlegrounds mud run this past weekend and absolutely shredded the course!

No obstacle was too fierce… no amount of mud would hold us back… no warped wall could keep us down…

It was us against the course… and we came out triumphant.

I won’t speak for everyone, but there’s a certain amount of apprehension that builds up before the whistle blows for an event like this.

Actually, for some, this apprehension builds up weeks or even months in advance.  A couple of our crew didn’t actually sign up until the day before the event!

Regardless of when you signed up, there’s a voice that goes through your head at the starting line that says, “What are you crazy?  There’s a winery next door… it’s not too late to back out of this nonsense!”

And then there’s hopefully another voice that chimes in for you that says, “Hell yea I’m crazy!  Let’s do this thang!  Get out of my way!”

The countdown begins… the emcee says GO!… and it’s off to the races.

How do you take down 30+ obstacles and 5k of off-road terrain??

The same way you tackle anything else… one step at a time.

On some obstacles you may get more stuck than others (literally, if it’s a mud run)…

The very first mud pit nearly immobilized us in a quicksand-like fashion.  But we remained patient, helped each other out, a little wiggle here, a little pull there, a little strategy, a little teamwork, a couple adult-themed words, and we were free to proceed to the next one.

Sometimes gettin down n’ dirty takes a push from within. 

And sometimes it helps to get a push from the outside.  

Upon getting home from Saturday’s mud run, I was all set to unwind and ease my way into a brand new week.

Little did I know, Derek had been scheming up other plans for my coming week.

As St. Peters bootcampers are well aware, Derek has a knack for getting you… shall we say… “out of your comfort zone.”

He did the same for me on Saturday evening when he revealed to me that I had a podcast due on Tuesday.

“I’m sorry… I must still have some dirt in my ears… it sounded like you said I have a podcast due on Tuesday…??”

Derek nodded and confirmed non-chalantly… “It’s already on Instagram… CJ’s podcast is coming on Tuesday… so you better start brainstorming some topics, man.  You want a beer, bro?

Now I’m panicing a little bit.  

I’ve never done a podcast before.  I don’t have a plan for a podcast.  Tuesday?  Did he say flippin’ Tuesday??  And he posted as me on Instagram?  He put my integrity on the line?  He must be joking, right?

“No joke dude.  I’ll help you with the tech stuff if you want.  But you’ve had this as a goal for way too long now.  I gotta force your hand on this one.”

Briefly, I contemplate ways to make a brother disappear and have it look like an accident…  But inventing a story about Derek getting unexpectedly kidnapped by pirates isn’t going to change the fact that I’m now on the hook for a podcast due Tuesday.  I wonder if I can hire some real pirates to do the job properly…

the layxe comp of attention-seeking 3

I pass out early Saturday.  Sunday comes… and it wasn’t a dream.

Derek’s Scotch-taped a mock up of podcast artwork on my door and is asking about my chosen topic.  I don’t tell him about the pirates plan.  I just stew uncomfortably, still too blindfolded to make heads or tails of this scenario.

It’s funny, I get less apprehension about diving head first into murky mud pools that smell like Big Foot’s undercarriage than I do about recording my first ever podcast episode.

I think about my Bootcampers who went face to face with something that they’d never experienced before only 24 hours prior.  I’m proud of their moxy and ability to overcome their fear.  But I still feel I’m in way over my head on this one.

But by Sunday evening, I’ve been through my 5 stages of grieving and there’s nothing left but acceptance.

This has to happen.

On Monday, there’s another wrinkle in this little story.

Derek reveals he never actually posted anything to Instagram and that I can be off the hook if I want to.  In all my haste of coping with the reality of the situation, I never went to Instagram to verify Derek’s outlandish claim.

On one hand I’m off the hook.  On another hand, I’m going to fill up a pillowcase with Valencia oranges and beat Derek with it while he’s sleeping.  And on yet another hand… it’s still on!

Like I said… the challenge was accepted on Sunday.  While my integrity is no longer on the line publicly, I’ve now made a promise and a deadline with myself.

Game on.

Game On!!! 4/13/2014 | ChristFit North

Tuesday came.

The podcast got recorded.

Which technically makes me “a podcaster”.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Cool, right?

(Unfortunately, I don’t know the intricacies of getting the audio files uploaded to the proper web venues like iTunes and Stitcher… so you can’t listen to it yet.  But I’ll keep you posted as we get that part of the process figured out.)

When it comes to goals (especially ones that you’ve never done before) you can make plans for eons… or you can just get down ‘n dirty.

Sadly, most people don’t have a Derek to force their hand.

Therefore, your excuses will sound legitimate.  Your rationalizations will seem real.

You can spend your whole life talking about what you’re gonna do.

Or you can go wallow in the muck and figure it out as you go.

Why are we so good at delaying our own goals?  


We know how to navigate the muck at our current level.

But the price for growth is pain… and who in their right mind would willingly take on pain?

You would!  I would!  We have!  And we’ll do it again.

We just have to get better about cutting down the timeline to get there.

If you’re afraid of jumping off a high platform into water, it will only get harder the longer you think about it.  You’re best strategy is to stop thinking, and just jump!

If that fails, I’ll let you borrow Derek, who will certainly provide the necessary push.  😉




CJ’s Book of the Week:  “I Am Number 8” by John W Gray III


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