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Skedge 10/29/18 (Not Goodbye…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on October 28, 2018

Happy Halloween Week!!…


Halloween!! (Wednesday, October 31st, 2018)

Costumes are not just for kiddos!  Let’s dress up and have some fun!

I’ll be at class dressed up as a……………. Nah… I won’t ruin the surprise.  😉

Here’s some of my past costumes for your viewing enjoyment:


“Not Goodbye…” 

Parting is such sweet sorrow.
This past week was Bootcamper Zai’s last week in STL and thus her last week at Bootcamp as well.
Maybe you’ve had the great pleasure of attending a 5:30am session where Zai literally skips in during the warm up and brightens up the room. Or gotten to cross paths with her at one of our Saturday classes where she’s enjoying endless sets of frog hops… her absolute favorite move. 😉
Zai’s been at Bootcamp with me since 2015. Although it seems like I’ve known her for a lifetime.
That’s how it goes at Bootcamp. When you see someone every day for several years, they become like family.
You get to hear their stories. You get to find out what makes them tick. They get to know you. And you both become better versions of yourself through the process.
It’s a difficult thing too. Because I’m always losing those family members as well. New jobs, new schedules, new kids, relocation, taking care of aging parents, or perhaps finally sick of me showing you new ways to do burpees… people move on. Life moves on. But each person and each relationship leaves an imprint on you.
As I gave Zai one final bear hug this Saturday morning, part of me didn’t want to let go. She seemed to sense this and told me in her sweet Zai way, “It’s not goodbye. It’s just see ya later.”
But you never know for sure.
In second grade my best friend Seth moved to Texas and I never saw or heard from him again.
It took me until fourth grade to make a new best friend and he later shunned me for no apparent reason.
Dave became my new best friend in 7th grade. And he introduced me to another best friend, Fiju, when we were in high school.
The three of us were thick as thieves for a while, but Fiju moved to Kansas City a couple years after we graduated from Mizzou.
We kept in touch, but a part of me assumed it would become like it was with so many of my high school friends who moved away and never returned. Although once inseparable, eventually, you become distant memories to one another and at some point you even fall off the Christmas card list.
Fiju actually did come back to STL though and I’m thrilled to have him back in proximity and back in life.
But you never do know…
[Pictured here with my girl Jen Palazzolo (an O.G. at Bootcamp) who also moved away this year.]
People who once seemed inseparable in your life may be gone tomorrow.
You hope it’s not “goodbye” for good. But who can tell the future?
Who will become a distant memory?… who will be with you for the long haul?
Sometimes it has nothing to do with proximity.
My once best friend Chris lives a half mile away from me, but we only see each other a couple times per year.
That one’s on me.
I’ve changed a lot in the past decade. My interests have changed. My purpose has changed. My mission, my passions, and my story have changed.
Chris has stayed pretty much the same. He’s on a mission too… but it involves getting to check off 10,000 kinds of beer tasted on his beer taster app. (To his credit, he’s made some very impressive progress… closing in on 7,000 last I heard.)
Our mutual friend Kevin was in town about a month ago which brought us all together for a rare meeting. The conversation turned towards Kevin’s mom who was dealing with a plethora of health issues. I became more interested. But Chris wanted to change the subject to something much lighter.
Real talk scares some people. They’d rather talk about how the local sports team is getting mismanaged and how they would do it better. They’d rather wager on who’s going to win the PGA golf tournament this weekend, because they know that to be “safe”.
But it’s all surface level. It’s all a distraction from what’s real.
Everybody chooses their own path in this world. But some do so less consciously than others. Some wind up committing the greatest sin of all which Napoleon Hill pinpoints as “Drifting” in his book, “Outwitting the Devil” (which I highly recommend).
I was exactly like Chris. I worshipped baseball and beer and, in classic Peter Pan fashion, never wanted to grow up.
There was no lightning strike moment where everything changed. There was no proverbial drawing a line in the sand. There was simply exploration, reading, listening, curiosity, and reflecting that led me to want something more in my life.
Some friends you lose to geographical distance.
Some you lose to diverging paths.
My current path kicks my @ss on a daily basis.
And while I no longer recognize half the players on the Cardinals roster, I’m enjoying the journey of attempting to impact lives in a positive way, versus hoping to impact box scores through extreme fandom.
It feels less hollow than my previous life. It feels more real. And I’m digging the journey. And finding new, amazing kinds of friends along the way.
Much love to my girl, Zai! You’ll be missed dearly! I’m excited for the lucky folks in Alabama that are about to receive the gift of your presence in their lives.
Hopefully not “goodbye”… just “see ya later”! 😉

Blessings & Much Love!



CJ’s Book of the Week: 

“Chasing Excellence” by Ben Bergeron


This Week’s Podcast:

Episode 012:  “FOPO- Fear of Other People’s Opinions…”



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