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Skedge 10/22/18 (Tahoe Day 3…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on October 21, 2018

Happy Sunday!!…


[Continued from last week’s post…]
DAY 3…
Again, I’m the last to get up.
But I was also one of the last to bed.
Who can sleep in such an atmosphere with so much going on? With so many great ideas being exchanged? When you get to go way deeper than the normal chit chat and common pleasantries… It’s these kinds of conversations I find it to be intoxicating. (Then again, maybe that’s just the vodka.)
But it’s time for another morning workout. And once again I’m in charge.
Some of my class mates from yesterday have opted out.
New members have replaced them after hearing the buzz of the @ss-kicking I issued the day before.
(Funny how some personalities flock towards a challenge.)
Today’s workout is less of a cardio crusher and designed instead as a muscular challenge.
In 15 minutes time, using nothing but bodyweight, I’ve pushed the gang to their breaking point once again.
But I’ve held something back today.
With sweat pouring, bodies burning, and steam rising from off of my house mates, I lay down the final gauntlet.
“Who’s ready for a 100 burpee finisher?”
The crowd goes dead silent.
They don’t seem to know whether to laugh or whether to throw me off the mountain.
But they can see in my eyes… it’s not a joke. (And I’m the only one not breathing that hard so good luck throwing me off the mountain.)
Ryan France, the former minor league pitcher, finally breaks the uncomfortable silence,
“I’ll do the burpees.”
This was a critical moment if you’re watching carefully.
I could read the doubt across their foreheads moments prior to France’s comment.
I could read them thinking, “100 burpees?… That guy’s crazy… That’s impossible.”
But when France made his announcement, light bulbs went off one by one.
What was once impossible instantaneously became possible.
You could literally watch the internal story shift from…
“No way in hell…” to “If that guy can do it, why can’t I?”
Remember, only story can overcome story.
And one by one they agreed to the challenge.
As we moved to the deck for the “finisher”, Brian asked me, rather concerned,
“How am I supposed to do 100 burpees?”
I told him, “Don’t do 100 burpees. Do 1 burpee. Then do another.”
You could see his physiology shift. His shoulders rolled back. His body straightened. He didn’t say another word. He got real stoic. He gave me one nod. And he went to work.
Another mental shift. Another mental win.
Everybody there suffered together. Everybody there walked taller the rest of the day.
It was time to get back to the theatre room where Fletcher would impart more business and content creation wisdom.
My brain was on fire. These were deep-level concepts that would not be mastered in short order.
I had more notes and ideas than I knew what to do with.
It was inspiring and overwhelming all at once.
As we reached the end of our final session, everybody looked mentally fried and ready for an adult beverage.
We had talked at length about the power of engineering beliefs that would drive ourselves and drive our businesses going forward.
That’s when somebody piped up, “Fletch, what’s your most core belief that drives you?”
Everybody leaned in to hear his response.
Fletcher’s eyes went wide and he got intensely serious,
“My most core belief is that the ONLY thing keeping people from living the lives they envision is themselves. What drives me most is getting people to discover their own power… To help them realize they’re not just the character in a story… They’re the author… And they can infuse a plot twist any time they wish… I’m driven to help people write their own story with intention…
Because I’m sick and [F*#$]ing tired of people getting in their own way.”
Mic drop.
The crowd went dead silent. You could have heard a pin drop.
Everybody needed a moment to process that truth. Because everybody there had lived that reality.
Fletcher included.
I’ve followed him for 6 years now and I know his story well.
This is a guy that got rejected from medical school 47 times.
This is a guy who became depressed and alcoholic.
This is a guy who let his body and mind deteriorate.
This is a guy who almost lost his wife due to his own apathy and self-loathing.
This is a guy who was once compelled to buy a book with the last few dollars in his pocket rather than buy his sister a birthday present.
This is a guy who vividly understands how poverty, failure, low self-esteem, negative story, and limiting beliefs can shape one’s life… because he’s been there himself.
He’s been the character in the story, victimized by life, not realizing that he had the power to pen a different destiny.
But it’s also a guy who has flipped the script, mastered multiple industries, and can now generate five figure windfalls by sending a single email.
This is a guy who could probably retire tomorrow but is more driven than ever to jail-break minds the way Morpheus rescues people out of the Matrix.
It’s a guy who’s making impact, changing minds, leaving a legacy for his children, and reinventing the way business is done.
He’s a living breathing example of everything he preaches.
I like the way this guy thinks.
He’s my kind of guy.
The crew goes out to dinner for our final night together.
We enjoy a beautiful night on the outdoor patio of a Mexican restaurant with live music and increasingly intense games of cornhole being played near by.
As darkness falls, half the crew heads to the casino.
Half of the crew goes back to the mansion.
I’m not a gambler and can’t hardly wrap my mind around giving away money at the casino when I’ve got access to a fully stocked mansion up the hill. So it’s back to the mansion for me.
With drink in hand, the lively exchange of story and conversation picks up where it left off the night before.
I end up chatting with some of the characters I haven’t yet spoken to during our 3-day trip.
I know I’ve got an early flight at 6am the next morning… will need an hour to get to my terminal… and also need to account for a 1 hour drive to the airport… my bags aren’t yet packed… and it’s already 10pm.
But I decide I don’t care.
I’ll stay up all night with these people.
I’ll squeeze every last drop out of this experience that I can.
It’s amazing how close you can become with relative strangers during a 3-day excursion.
It’s amazing what you can learn about others and yourself through exchanging story.
Dani tells me that her close friends run Fitness Blender (which has a massive audience on YouTube) and other Instagram friends of hers that are absolutely killing it. She spends over an hour selflessly showing me businesses to follow and why they’re successful.
Ian tells me about his hesitation to tell stories that might offend his family… even though they’re stories that he thinks might help others and even provide perspective for himself.
Brandon tells me about his mission to buy his mom a $15M mansion like the one we’re standing in.
This, by the way, turned into a massive rabbit hole that spoke volumes about Brandon’s perceived self worth, deep seated guilt, and a super-dangerous belief he was holding about not being able to be happy until he paid back his mom.
We spoke until the wee hours of the morning trying to unpack a lot of this baggage.
I’m no therapist, but I have gotten better at spotting limiting beliefs when I see them. And spent a large portion of the night trying to help him crush them.
After all, who among us can ever really repay our mom?
Mom: “I gave you life…Your move.”
Game over, right?
Besides that, maybe mom doesn’t even want that big mansion. Now she feels guilty that you went to all that work just for her.
It’s a perpetual cycle of guilt that’s never ending… and still, nobody’s happy!
If you’ve ever used the phrase, “I’ll be happy when…”
Danger, danger, Will Robinson!
You better address that dragon ASAP!
Because you can choose happiness in any moment.
You can pen that into existence.
It’s not conditional on any future event. Unless you’ve crafted a story that dictates othewise.
I’m not suggesting that you be satisfied with everything the way it is.
It’s our mission in life to see what we can improve and what positive influence we can have.
But happiness is in the moment.
What say you my fellow author?
Does your character deserve peace, love, and happiness?
Your next chapter starts now!

Blessings & Much Love!



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