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Skedge 1/8/18 (2018… A Look Ahead…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on January 9, 2018

Happy first-full-week-of-2018 Friend!


NEWS 4 Event!

Thanks so much for helping me get a great turn out for the Live News 4 spot we did on Monday.  I know there were several people there who had never seen a 5:30am class before (and may never it again!)  But it meant a lot to me that all of you came to support me and Bootcamp.

Steve Harris and his camera man, Nick, were awesome to work with.  And some of you became famous during interviews as well!  Special shout out to Priscilla Visintine.  For those who don’t know, she’s the Bootcamper who made this all possible.  So if your business needs some PR, give her a call!

If you haven’t seen the footage yet, keep an eye on our Facebook page.  I’ve got Derek putting all the clips together so we should have that uploaded soon.

Thanks again for your amazing support!!


2018… A Look Ahead…

So last week I gave you my 2017 review.

This week, let’s hop in the Delorian and see what the future of 2018 holds.

BTW… a bunch of smart dudes and dudettes have determined that writing down your goals drastically increases the potential for their attainment.


Goals rattling around inside your head are about as useful as a poopy-flavored lollipop.

You're About as Useful as a poopy flavored lollipop ...

If you’re not willing to take the bare minimum action of writing down your goals… you could do yourself a favor, and admit it’s just not THAT important to you.

NEXT… Review those written goals regularly. 

Take them with you.  Post them where you’ll see them.  Do monthly, weekly, even daily check-ins to see how you’re coming along.

Are you taking any ACTION?  

It’s ok to start super small to accumulate MICRO-WINS.

I did that this week.

One of my goals is to get outside and walk more.  For days, I had on my to-do list to take a 10-minute walk.  But I made up excuses about being too busy with other tasks and not wanting to brave the single-digit frigid temperatures.

Hopefully you can appreciate the irony that I’m a personal trainer and couldn’t get myself to go put one foot in front of the other for ten flippin minutes!

So on Thursday, I cut the goal in half… 5 minute walk outside.  

I stared at that To-Do on my list with utter contempt.  But I knew I’d feel like a total chump if I went to bed without crossing this off my list.

So I bundled up (I think I took over 5 minutes just putting on layers of clothes), got my butt outside, and set my timer for 5 minutes.

And wouldn’t you know it, I immediately felt amazing.  Fresh air… sunshine… breathing… movement… the best things in life really are free.

The point of this being, that you can stop pontificating about how to lose 50 lbs by the end of January.  Instead, how bout you commit to consuming one green shake every day… and we can scale up from there.  If you need to modify to eating one piece of baby kale… get your micro win, and you can progressively scale.

Do something… anything… to take action in the direction of your goal.

Writing it down is a good first step.

Then, share your goals with others if you really want to be accountable.

In that spirit, here’s what’s on my docket for 2018:

Business Goals…

Social Media

Increase my Facebok and Instagram presence to at least 2 posts or more per day.  And get more in-depth (information/educational/entertaining) YouTube videos posted at least 1-2 times per week.


Bootcamp is awesome!  More people need to know about it.  I’ll be running Facebook ads and looking into other online platforms for marketing.  I may be looking into flyers/mailers/networking opportunities as well.  (P.S.- Remember… If you refer a friend who becomes a member, you earn HALF-OFF your next month of Bootcamp!)


I recorded my pilot episode last year when Derek forced my hand.  But I haven’t recorded another podcast since.

I need to get one podcast recorded and made available for download every week in an effort to hone my message, become a better speaker, and positively influence others.  (Derek’s recently been reminding me that my favorite podcaster, Ben Greenfield, has twin boys who are 9 years old that run a podcast with more followers than my non-existent podcast.  Isn’t that Derek a sweet and thoughtful boy?)

Episode 1: River & Terran's Report On Their Delectable ...

Read Books

My best estimate is that I got into the 40+ range last year.  I think I can get at least 52+ (1/week) this year by honing my speed reading skills and remembering to make time for this daily.

Write a Book

I’m embarrassed to write this one down.  It’s been on my list for the past two years with practically zero progress… I’ll need to break up this larger goal into much smaller, more digestible pieces to make some headway.

New Certification / Course Work

I’m currently NASM (personal trainer) Certified and ITN (Institute of Transformational Nutrition) certified.  I’d like to select a new course of study this year to add to my knowledge and grow as a health pratitioner.  Currently debating lots of options…

NASM Continuing Education

This will be required by NASM to maintain my certification so I just need to find my classes and take them.

Bootcamp Apparel Order

Give the people what they want.  I need to put together regular orders for Bootcamp apparel including a Bootcamp hoodie/ cold weather gear.

Coaching Program

I’m distilling all of the information I’ve been consuming into a more structured coaching program to work 1-on-1 with clients who can’t seem to break through their weight loss plateaus and other health complications.  The course will include ecucational videos, group calls, 1-on-1 calls, goals, objectives, grocery lists, recipes, meal plans, accountability, and personalization options so you can modify and choose options (similar to the way you can choose moves at Bootcamp).  More coming soon…

Social Events

Keep plans for periodic social meetups where we can hang loose and have some fun!

Class Goals

I take pride in the amount of variety I’m able to provide in terms of workouts.  But I’d like to further tinker with the format of our workouts as well.

At present, 45 seconds of work for two rounds and 30 seconds for the next two rounds provides consistency.  Plus it’s interval-based which provides some well-studied benefits.  With the addition of our “Challenge Day” Saturdays, we do get some disruption to that format.  However, I feel like there’s a lot more variables to be played with during our hour together each day that would further promote adaptation, increased strength, and overall health.  But I also don’t want to confuse everybody too much.  I’ll be in the lab figuring out the best way to add more variety and make Bootcamp even better for you.  (If you have any feedback in this department, please feel free to share.  Note:  If your feedback is a suggestion for “Nap Day”… I do have the power of veto.)

Physical Goals…


I am psyched about the progress I’ve made in the last 6 months in terms of my flexibility.  I need to stay the course here using my gymnastic stretching routines to turn me into a hybrid of Gumby and Hercules.

The Trainer. | lostnchina


Master the handstand in place and progress to more advanced variations.

1-Arm Pullup Training

Keep practicing

Spartan Race

It’s basically a mud run with some pretty advanced obstacles, spear throws, rope climbs, ice plunges, etc.  They don’t have any in St. Louis, so I’ll have to leave the comfy confines of Missouri and branch out for an extended weekend for some adventuring.  Pick a date.  Pick a location.  Tap Derek on the shoulder to step in at Bootcamp.  And go!

Spartan Race - How to Prepare and Finish It - Workoutr.com

Trail Run

The Quivering Quads Trail Run KICKED.  MY.  BUTT.  last year… So obviously I want to do it again.  Need to decide on whether to do the same race or find a new trail to conquer.

Extended 5-7 day fast

I’ve been doing a lot of studying on the amazing benefits of fasting.  Amongst the recommendations are extended fasts for 5-7 days at a time at least once or twice a year.  I just need to schedule this on dates that don’t include Christmas, the 4th of July, or my birthday.

Personal Goals…

Go Outside Daily

Mentioned in the intro…


I started checking my step counts with a pedometer recently.  I usually have 10,000-15,000 by the time I leave Bootcamp.  However, I’m pretty sedentary the remainder of the day (oftn only 1,000 additional steps).  Even thoguh I have a standing desk, staying in any one position too long has negative impact on health.  Gots to get my move on!


If I were grading my gardening progress (based on my goals to have produce growing all over my property…

2016- C+

2017- D

2018- ?

I’ve bought some gardening books, taking notes from others, and bought a composter to start making my own soil.  Even the farmers at the Farmer’s Market admit that growing food is an ongoing experiment.  Just gotta go out and get dirty to see what happens.

New chickens

This was Derek’s goal… I’m actually pretty happy with our current flock of 11.  Discussions are ongoing…


I need to pepper these into my day.  May have to set alarms to recognize I’ve been staring at a screen too long and holding my breath.  Gotta break that up with some diaphramatic breathing and meditation.


Schedule at least two week-long vacations that are out of town and not for any other purpose than relaxation, rejuvination, recovery, and re-assessment.


I work hard for my money… but I’d also like my money to work hard for me.  Not sure about this Bitcoin thing… but I am aware that my money doesn’t do much sitting in a savings account.  Go back through Tony Robbin’s books Money-Master the Game and Unshakable and come up with a game plan.


I’d like to help influence nutrition from an early age.  I need to meet with local school leaders to see how we might be able to work together to provide better options for kids school lunches.


Figure out what to do with that alien-looking kombucha starter culture that’s been sitting on my kitchen counter.


Dedicate more time to reading the Bible, listening to teachings, and meditating on God’s word and His will for my life.

And there you have it… a few of the things I’ve got planned to keep me busy in 2018.

You may notice that some of these bullet points are lacking specificity, so this is only a starting point.

If I’m to take this a step further, I can add dates/deadlines, connect my reasons WHY as well as my values that are driving me towards these goals.  Review constantly.  Reverse engineer all of the action items that will take me from Point A to Point B.  (Example:  If my goal is to write a book… break it down into all of its smaller pieces, chapters, pages per day, outlines, messages to convey, title, research needed, time blocked out for writing/slamming my head on the keyboard… you get the idea.)

Got some goals of your own?

>>>>Feel free to share!<<<<  (Hit REPLY and let me know!)

I’ve often discovered new goals for myself prompted by something I heard elsewhere.  And like I said before, putting yourself out there makes your goal more real!  🙂

Wishing you an amazing 2018!

Much love,



Sign Up | The Battlegrounds Mud Run

Mark your calendars for 5/19/2018!!

That’s right!… We’re going back to the Battlegrounds!

Our crew had such a blast in the last one, that there was no hesitation in signing up for the next one.  

You gotta get in on this! 

AND… If you register early, you get a discount!  (Discount code:  LETSBATTLE)

Don’t miss out!

Here’s what to do (step-by-step instructions):

Go here:  http://thebattlegrounds.com/events/

Click Sign Up Now!

Click Sign Up Online Now

Click Register Now

Choose Afternoon Waves 12-3pm

Fill out the form… (CHOOSE Distance:  5k) (CHOOSE Team:  Battle-Tested Bootcampers)

Before you finish checking out, use DISCOUNT CODE:  LETSBATTLE to get $10 OFF!

Hoping to get a big team together for this one, dominate the course, create some new stories, and party like a rockstar at the finish line!

Discount code may only be good through the end of October… so don’t wait… sign up now and schedule your life around this event.  😉

Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, outdoor and nature





CJ’s Book of the Week:  “Movement Matters” by Katy Bowman


“Skedge” for 1/8/18-1/13/18

Manchester (Class Times:  Mon-Fri @ 5:30/7:00/8:30am & Satuday @ 7am)

Monday:  Lower (CJ)

Tuesday:  Upper (CJ)
Wednesday:  Core  (CJ)

Thursday:   Lower (CJ)

Friday:   Upper (CJ)

Saturday: Core  (CJ)


CJ Thomas

Owner, Operator, & “CeejEO”

St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp

ph:  314-266-9729

email:  CJ@STLFitnessBootcamp.com


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