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How Much?… How Many…? Who CARES?

By CEEJ | In Nutrition, Weight Loss | on October 23, 2014

How Much?… How Many…?  Who CARES?


Quality vs Quantity… which one triumphs?

You knew the answer, before I you even read this sentence.  There’s few instances in life where Quality doesn’t trump Quantity.

And yet, we’re being taught the absolute opposite from every “reliable” news and media outlet.

The myth we’ve been brainwashed into believing is this:  Weight loss is a caloric equation.  Burn more calories than you put in, and you’ll start losing weight like magic.

And that sounds logical doesn’t it…?

But the truth is your body is a lot more complex than that over-simplified algebra that we just reviewed.  And your body is a lot smarter than you may realize… A LOT smarter!

And maybe you’ve put this theory to the test yourself.

I’ve seen it countless times.  Someone you know wants to lose weight.  So they start skipping meals.  Working out twice per day.  And they start posting on Facebook about their awesome transformation 2 weeks later.

But then something else happens…

Though the initial starvation worked in the short term to shed a few pounds, most individuals either hit a plateau or can’t sustain the lifestyle of starvation… Which they shouldn’t be able to… You gotta eat to live!  I implore you, don’t starve your body!  It wants to live!  Won’t you let it live!?

So after the initial period of starvation, the individual succumbs to eating regularly again and…

POOF!  Magically the pounds reappear.  And this time they’ve brought some extra friends with them.

And the common conclusions:

Dieting doesn’t work.  I can’t lose weight.  I’m destined to be this way.  I might as well give up.

This is perhaps the most damaging effect of following the calorie myth and the starvation approach.  That is, the damage it does to the person’s psyche.  The loss of hope.  The mental drain.

Your brain is infinitely more powerful than any of us understand.  Belief in the lie that “it’s impossible to lose weight” can be a self-fulfilling prophecy that destroys your will to even attempt another approach in the future.


Why doesn’t the calorie myth work?

When your body starves, it believes that food is scarce.  The body’s natural remedy against starvation (death) is to store fat so that you don’t die.  So once you start pumping in calories after weeks or months of ignoring a growling stomach, your body tries to do you a favor by converting that food into fat.  That way the next time a perceived famine hits, your body will be ready to endure it.

So what’s the answer?

As we alluded to in the beginning, the answer is to turn your focus from calorie counting (quantity) to QUALITY of food and exercise.

If you’re a member at St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp, we’ve addressed the quality component for you.  We do this through high intensity interval exercises.  You go hard (or at a pace that best suits your fitness level) for 30-45 seconds, followed by a quick rest to re-gather yourself and go again.

Interval training is highly recommended to help you get the most out of your workouts.  This flies in the face of hours on the treadmill or endless miles of high impact jogging on the pavement.  (NOTE:  If you like running, by all means, go for it.  But if your purpose for running is weight loss… there are much better ways to go about it.  Come check us out at St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp and see how we do things.)

What counts as QUALITY food?

I mentioned this in a previous post.  But I’ll try to summarize here.

Your body needs more REAL FOOD.  Organic vegetables are #1.  Actually, let’s make them #1, 2, 3, & 4.

Yes, they’re that important.

Add to that organic meats, fish, and eggs.  Toss in some avocados, nuts, seeds, and fruits.

And eliminate all wheat-based and sugary products that have become a part of your eating arsenal.

And VOILA!  You’re well on your way.  Admittedly, this last part can be tricky considering that wheat and sugar can be found in almost any manufactured product you find in a box or a bag.

You may think you need “healthy whole grain”.

You may try to justify that Triscuits and Teddy Grahams aren’t that bad.

But you’re only fooling yourself.  Your body knows better. 

For some, kicking the wheat habit will be more difficult than a smoker parting ways with their Marlboro Reds.  But it is soooo worth it, and your body will thank you.

If this seems controversial, it’s only because we’ve been inundated with so much false information for so long that it’s hard to know which way is up.

Listen, I had a love affair with the cereal aisle back in the day too!  But then I found a new lover.  Her name is Truth.  And she’s changed my life for the better in ways I can’t even describe. 😉


Let’s sum up…

The key to healthy living, weight loss, higher energy, and the rest is not in measuring out smaller portions of lucky charms… and then staying on the treadmill until those little red digits display 1,000 calories…  NO, NO, NO!

Quality NOT Quantity.

When we put the focus back on quality, we can eat to our heart’s (and our stomach’s) content.  Have as many veggies as you like.  You won’t be hungry.  You’ll be vital.

You don’t need to buy smaller plates, miniature tupperware containers, or food scales to portion your servings for the day.

At the end of the day your body craves NUTRITION.

Put more nutrition in and you won’t be as hungry.  Cravings drop off.  As do pounds.

Quality NOT Quantity.

Tattoo it on your forehead if you need to.

Or skip the needle and consult with one of your trusted trainers at St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp.

We are not your average run of the mill bootcamp!

We truly care about our members.  Your successes are our successes.  We understand that you’re looking for more than a place to sweat.  You’re looking for a place to get healthy and live more abundantly.

You can do pushups and crunches anywhere.  But interested, excited trainers…  A community with like-minded members… An atmosphere that’s figured out how to balance fun and challenging… that’s a little harder to come by.  But we’ve got that in spades at Bootcamp!

You won’t know until you try… So come see us already!   😉






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