Most people think they know how to eat well. 
Most people would be wrong.

Sadly, our nutritional know-how has been largely corrupted by the lies and deceptions of lobbyists and corporations who are more interested in their own profits than in your health. 

While nutrition may be the single most important thing to our overall energy, vitality, and longevity... it remains a topic that baffles most doctors (who throw pills at every illness), confuses so-called nutritionists (who tout the importance of portion control), and leaves the rest of us wondering why heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are killing us off in droves. 

You deserve the TRUTH. 
What you do with it will be up to you.


20+ Videos on Health & Nutrition
Re-train your brain for health

  • Inside you'll be getting a Master's level education on nutrition.  Ironically, this kind of information is not taught in most schools... although it should be!  Now you'll finally be empowered to not only handle your own health but set up your kids and loved ones for a life free of illness and full of energy! 
  • I cover every FAQ that's ever been brought to me as a personal trainer.  Plus a 'butt-load' of answers to questions you probably didn't even know you had.
  • We cover a wide range of topics and expose dozens of food/health myths.  You'll find in depth break downs of all the basic food groups... when a given food is healthy, and when it's wreaking havoc in your body.  Plus controversial topics relating to cancer, heart disease, genetics, cholesterol, organics, GMO's, and the TWO WORST things you can put in your body that are killing off Americans in droves.
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Members Only Area
Links, Cliff's Notes, & Resources

  • Each video tutorial comes with a summary page filled with bullet points, reminders, take-aways and links to additional books and resources.
  • Access to continuing updates.  Health is an evolving field and so is Food Camp.  As I continue my education, you'll receive ongoing updates to keep you ahead of the curve. 
  • Got a topic in mind that wasn't covered or pertains to your individual situation?  Let me know about it so I can continue to make Food Camp a more valuable resource for all of our members.
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Printable FoodCamp eBook
Download or print your PDF guide to eating like a champion!

  • While a lot of time went into prepping, filming, and editing the videos, I didn't want you to go away empty handed.  This printable guide highlights some of our biggest takeaways about food that you can refer back to at your leisure... or before your next trip to the super market!
  • The topic of nutrition should be fun!  So I do my best to keep the conversation entertaining with pictures and one-liners to keep you on your toes.  ;)
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  • Once a member of Food Camp, always a member of Food Camp!  There are no continuing fees and you'll continue to have access for life.  Go back, review this content, and reinforce your new health mindset.
  • Health and nutrition are massive fields and new information is surfacing all the time.  I've become a bit of a 'nutrition nerd' so I'm always in the trenches trying to add to my own understanding so that I continue to help more people like you.  When I find something new that I think you need to know about, I'll send you an email or add a new module to Food Camp to keep you light years ahead of the McDonald's-munching masses.
  • You've got questions... CJ's got answers.  Contact the creator of FoodCamp and hit him with your most pressing health questions.  I love hearing from my members whether it's just to share a story, seek advice, or to get an added 'push' of encouragement.
  • You'll also have unlimited email support from CJ.  Please don't hesitate to reach out.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed!
100% Money Back Guarantee!

  • If you go through all the videos, content, ebook, summaries, and resources and still feel like you didn't learn anything valuable, I'll happily refund your purchase price no questions asked.  But I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that you could spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a university based nutritional education that serves up antiquated cirriculum that is not only outdated but down right DANGEROUS in terms of advice. 
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Normally $197 - Today Only $79



There are over 20+ videos and topics inside of FoodCamp.  We go in depth to cover some of the most commoly asked questions, myths that you didn't know were myths, and provide a framework for getting healthy long term rather than just getting 'skinny' short term.  Following are some of the topics but there's much more inside.

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De-Bunking Calories & Macros

Marcia... Marcia... Marcia!!  Calories... Calories... Calories!!  Is anybody else tired of being told that calorie counting and restricting your food intake is the key to a healthy lifestyle?  Enough is enough!  Let's discuss what's REALLY important towards making you a Super-Human! 

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PROTEIN!!! (...Are You Overdosing?)

The Paleo movement has been catching fire lately with the masses shouting at you to EAT MORE PROTEIN!  But are we falling victim to another health myth trap?  Get the 411 on America's favorite macronutrient and whether mo' protein could actually lead to mo' problems!


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"Healthy Whole Grains" EXPOSED!

Is this gluten-free thing a fad?  Are carbs actually that dangerous?  Are some grains better than others?  Why you may want to say "Cheerio" to your cereal and sandwich lifestyle. 


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Dairy... Does Milk Really Do a Body Good?

Milk... Cheese... Yogurt...  Perhaps the most misunderstood food group of them all is dairy.  Discover the truth about calcium... pasteurization... homogenization... 2% vs 1% vs Skim... and so on.


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4 Pillars of Health

While the vast majority of FoodCamp focuses on food (Duh!)... nutrition is still only one of 4 pillars of health that determine your overall wellness.  We'll cover a list of little discussed X-factors that could be thwarting your efforts.


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Winning the Mental & Emotional Game

You can learn the How-To's all day long.  But without mastering the mental and emotional game of nutrition, you'll be fighting an uphill battle.  In this video we confront your greatest mental obstacles and break down why will power alone is a strategy for failure.


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Drinking... Without Driving Towards Obesity

Of all the questions I get from clients, one of the most common has to be, "What's the best drink I can have without ruining my diet?"  Since 'water' is not a popular answer, we decode the most optimal social lubricants.  ;)


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Organic & GMO's

Does organic matter?  Is genetic modification of food good... bad... or indifferent?  I don't mince any words in this video where we reveal the disturbing truths about what's happening to our food supply and more importantly how you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe from it.


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The Truth About Cancer

In this controversial expose, we uncover the laundry list of lies and deception being fed to us from unlikely sources.  Most of us view cancer development as merely genetic, unlucky, and incurable.  But it's time to take the power back against this potentially deadly fow.  Yes, cancer sucks!  But it can be prevented.  And it can be reversed!  Find out how...


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The Truth About Saturated Fat & Cholesterol

Got a doctor telling you to lower your cholesterol?  This is a must watch video detailing the spotted history of how we came to demonize fat and cholesterol.  Heart disease is the number one killer in America!  But maybe not for the reasons you think.


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Epigenetics... Changing Your Genes!!!

Most of us have been told all our lives that we are merely an output of our pre-set genetic blueprint.  However fascinating new research is contradicting this premise.  Epigenetics is the study of how you can actually change your genes!  This is one of my favorite topics and one you've got to hear about!




Normally $197 - Today Only $79