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St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp'S ARCHIVE

  • Howdy ho! —————————— How do you quantify happiness?  Sounds tricky, but Jesse Itzler can help you do this in 10 seconds. Jesse, although he looks a bit like a bum and doesn’t have any official “guru” qualifications, did just spend 15 days living with monks… So he does have some perspective. Here’s his happiness finder formula: […]

  • It’s November!!… Can you believe it?! Scary how fast a year can fly by, isn’t it? Speaking of “scary” here’s some pics from the Halloween fun we had this week. Things tend to speed up this time of year… Halloween behind us, Thanksgiving on the horizon, Christmas and New Year’s soon to follow. Amidst the […]

  • Happy Halloween Week!!… —————————————————– Halloween!! (Wednesday, October 31st, 2018) Costumes are not just for kiddos!  Let’s dress up and have some fun! I’ll be at class dressed up as a……………. Nah… I won’t ruin the surprise.  😉 Here’s some of my past costumes for your viewing enjoyment: —————————————————– “Not Goodbye…”  Parting is such sweet sorrow. This […]

  • Happy Sunday!!… —————————————————– [Continued from last week’s post…] DAY 3… Again, I’m the last to get up. But I was also one of the last to bed. Who can sleep in such an atmosphere with so much going on? With so many great ideas being exchanged? When you get to go way deeper than the […]

  • Let’s get this party started!!… —————————————————– [Continued from last week’s post… https://stlfitnessbootcamp.com/skedge-10-8-18-tahoe-day-1/ ] DAY 2… I “sleep in” till 6am. It’s a quasi-vacation for me after all. But in a house full of go-getter, A-Player entrepreneurs, it seems like I’m the slacker… last one to rise. I have to earn back some respect. We’ve got […]

  • The game is on!!… —————————————————– Have you ever been to Tahoe? If not, put that at the top of your travel To-Do List right now! Granted, my travel experience is pretty limited, but this place was too pretty for words. Another caveat… my experience may have been skewed by the fact that I got to […]

  • He’s going the distance… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cno20onK9dY —————————————————– THIS WEEEK… MONDAY-THURSDAY (9/24-9/27) CJ will be in Lake Tahoe for a writing workshop. Fear not, there will still be Bootcamp as usual hosted by my trusty brother, Derek. Derek has been instructed to treat you with all the love and respect that you are so accustomed to receiving […]

  • Ya’ll ready for this?… —————————————————– “Let’s Be Honest…” Last week I went to a house party where they were playing one of the “getting to know you” games. There’s a deck of cards, each with a question that helps to kindle a conversation… “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?” Alligator. “Where would you get […]

  • C’mon feel the noise … —————————————————– “Technical Difficulties…” There are days when I feel like I’m a technological wizard. I mean anybody can learn how to use an iPhone… but I’ve built websites from scratch, learned basic HTML coding, and even mastered the art of creating my own memes. And then there are days when […]

  • Welcome to the jungle [fname]… —————————————————– Question… Have you ever cursed out a turtle? I’ve cursed out many. Not live turtles, mind you, whom I have no particular qualms with. But digital turtles existing inside the Mario Bros. universe… Those jerks had it coming. Here I am trying to be a hero and save the […]