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  • ​I can feel it coming in the air tonight [fname]… —————————————— Big announcement! Got aches and pains?…  Creaky joints?…  Knees that knock?…  Elbows that cry?…  Languishing lower back?…  Screaming shoulders?   It happens to the best of us (even trainers as you’ll discover in the post below). You can pop pills or blame your age if […]

  • Where’s your head at? The Change-Up…. If you would have broken into my house last Sunday night around 6:47pm, you would have caught quite a scene. Imagine, if you will, a shirtless CJ, with a poorly taped up and bloodied hand, chowing down on pancakes, while rocking out to country music bumping at full blast, […]

  • Happy ‘Merica Week! ————————————— Yes, Virginia… There is Bootcamp on the 4th of July We’ll do one class @ 7am on Independence Day (Wednesday). Be there or be a communist.  😉 ————————————— The Half-Way Point You did it! You’re half way there! Half way to the end of 2018! Dun… Dun… Duuuuuuuunnnnnnn!!! Oh… that doesn’t excite you? You […]

  •  Game on [fname]! Doing What You ‘KNOW’… Here’s what I know… I know I should write my blog post on Monday… but sometimes I procrastinate until the end of the week. I know I should set deadlines for my important goals… but it’s easier to say, “I’ll do it later.” I know I should clean out the chicken coops more regularly… but […]

  • It’s a new day [fname]! Choosing Your Moments… Every moment is precious. But it doesn’t always feel that way. We’re reminded of that fact when icons like Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade take their own lives within days of each other. (If I’m being honest, I don’t think I’d ever heard the name, Kate Spade, until […]

  • How to Save the World… Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors and has starred in such blockbusters as Titanic (where he fights a cruise ship), Inception (where he fights people’s dreams), and The Revenant (where he fights a grizzly bear). In the latter, Leo’s filming took him from the arctic tundra of Alberta, […]

  • Let’s get dangerous!  (#Darkwing Duck) ———————————— Checking for Blind Spots… This was it… Derek had won the last three contests.  But this time would be different. No silly mistakes.  No un-planned moves.  No chance for Derek. He was cornered.  And this last token would drive the nail in the coffin.  I dropped my checker and […]

  • The heat is on! ———————————— Will there be a Memorial Day Bootcamp on Monday (5/28)?? Yes!  We will have ONE class on Monday at 7am.  🙂 ————————————- Battlegrounds Victors!!… The Bootcamp squad took on the Battlegrounds… and we dominated it! This was such a fun event with such amazing people.  Our crew finished the course just before the […]

  • You better lose yourself in the moment!!!  The Quick Fix… Quiz for the day… 9 pills… You can only take 3… Which ones would you take???   (Study the meme below.) I came across this little game on Facebook this week (during one of my less productive moments). It caught my attention and I proceeded to survey […]

  • Never gonna give you up!!!  ——————————————————- >>> NEW Bootcamp Apparel… <<< Following up from earlier this week… NEW Under Armour “St Louis Fitness Bootcamp” Apparel is available now!  Go pick up an item or three here: https://stlfitnessbootcamp.com/products-page/ I’m really excited about this offering with some name brand Under Armour tops with multiple color options.  I’ll be putting […]