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Skedge 5/8/17 (Nature vs. Nincompoops…)

By CEEJ | In St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp | on May 7, 2017

Buenos Dias [fname]!


Crusher Race
Where:  Eureka, MO

When:  6/25/17  (We’re doing the 5k option at the 10AM time slot!)
Use this link to sign up with the Bootcamp Team:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-crusher-race-spring-2017-registration-31201917776?team_token=1794936-n8o31


Nature vs. Nincompoops…

In 1993, the skies opened, the rain fell, and the entire metro St. Louis area seemed to be under water.

I was 10 at the time.  I remember the tiny little excuse for a creek that hid in the common ground behind my parents’ house rose to a level that might as well have rivaled the Amazon River as far as I was concerned.

I was floored by the awesome power of water.

(From left to right:  Spencer, CJ, Kyle, Derek.  Check out the lake… i.e. our creek in the background)

Nature is one tough Mother. 

We often think we’re in control of our lives.

But nature likes to stop in and humble us from time to time.

The people of Japan weren’t expecting a tidal wave to decimate their city in 2011.

And the people in Joplin, MO weren’t expecting an F5 tornado to sweep through and level their town in the same year.

But to view Facebook over the last week, people seem to think that our recent rain predicament is completely uncalled for.

It’s as if they’re annoyed that Nature is doing her thing.

“Why is it still raining?”

I’ve seen that quote multiple times in my feed.

What do you mean ‘WHY’??  That’s nature!  She doesn’t care what you perceive to be “normal”. 

Nature just is.

It is a funny reminder though.

We live in a time where air crafts are constantly flying overhead and we can predict to the minute when they will depart and land… kind of.

We can push a button and predict that our own personal chauffer (in the embodiment of  an Uber driver) will be at our door in minutes to shuttle us wherever we desire to go.   If you’re lucky, it might even be Derek!

Image may contain: 2 people

Need a ride???

We can buy groceries and every consumer good imaginable online and have packages dropped at our doorsteps. #ILoveAmazon

We have automated timers to turn on our coffee pots and turn out our lights.

Machines that wash our dishes and laundry.

And even in-home robots that will do our Googling for us.  (Beware of Alexa… this is the beginning of the Rise of the Machines!)

Related image

Frankly, we’re pretty pampered.

And we’ve developed a bit of hubris around the belief that we’ve got things figured out.

Of course we all have our problems.  But on a day-to-day, operational basis, we pretty much run the show and can plan our lives down to the minute if we so choose.

But as the old saying goes, “We make plans… And God laughs.”

Maybe flooding and extra drive time and potential property damage weren’t on your agenda for this week.

That’s frustrating because it’s out of our control.

And we’ve been conditioned to believe that we’re in control.

But I think it’s a humbling reminder, not only in our personal lives, but from a zoomed out bird’s eye perspective, that sometimes FLOOD happens.

And, to this point, there is no technology, innovation, or ever enough sandbags in the world to combat Nature when she opts to flex her muscle in forceful and even lethal ways.  (But it’s still a good idea to exercise with sandbags at Bootcamp!;) )

Man is now planning to travel to Mars in hopes of escaping the madness on Earth!  But even the red planet has sandstorms violent enough to ruin Matt Damon’s day!

Image result for matt damon stuck on mars

There’s no escaping Nature.

Our best bet is to work with and work around Nature.

But man’s hubris always thinks it can beat the system.

So we invent and patent new seeds (foolishly believing we can surpass the formula pre-written by Nature).

We develop new pesticides (to kill more effectively than the previous variety).

We make cannabis illegal (even though it has curative properties for more ailments than Big Pharma can compete with).

We dose ourselves on coal-based pharmaceuticals (to mask the symptoms of every cough and sniffle).

And we reduce real, whole food into encapsulated, synthetic imitations whilst pretending they’re identical.  (See this week’s Throwdown Thursday post where I review Juice Plus+ below):


We make plans… and God laughs.

That’s not to say that there’s no room for innovation.  After all…

Why drive to the book store when you can click instead…

Why go stake out a bar when you can swipe left and right instead…

And where would I show off my amazing workout moves if not for Facebook and Instagram?

Still, it would behoove us to exercise a little perspective because we don’t have as much control as we think.

Why is it still raining?

Because Nature’s a two-headed monster.

She can zap you with lightning.

Or she can nourish you with earth grown awesomeness.

She can hail on your new Lexus.

Or she can bask you in life-enhancing Vitamin D from the sun’s rays.

You can’t control Nature.

You can’t control government.

You can’t control your spouse.

You can’t control a mouse.

You can’t control the Cardinals or the Blues (despite what some of my superstitious friends will claim).

But you can conrol whether or not you hit SNOOZE!


You control you.

Your thoughts.  Your actions.  Your reactions.  Your attitude.  Your empathy.  Your love.  Your body.  Your mind. 

You control you. 

And most days, that’s enough.

So don’t fret over the stuff you can’t control.

Controlling YOU is already a full time job.  Lol.

Stay dry and stay safe out there.  😉




CJ’s Book of the Week:  “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins


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