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St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp'S ARCHIVE

  • Salutations Friend! ——————————— Crusher Race Where:  Eureka, MO When:  6/25/17  (We’re doing the 5k option at the 10AM time slot!) Use this link to sign up with the Bootcamp Team:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-crusher-race-spring-2017-registration-31201917776?team_token=1794936-n8o31 ————————————— Getting Bullied… Watching my chickens today I decided to give them a treat. Our chickens go absolutely crazy for tomatoes. Cabbage?  Not interested. […]

  • Top of the morning to ya [fname]! ——————————— Crusher Race Where:  Eureka, MO When:  6/25/17  (We’re doing the 5k option at the 10AM time slot!) Use this link to sign up with the Bootcamp Team:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-crusher-race-spring-2017-registration-31201917776?team_token=1794936-n8o31 ————————————— How was your St. Patty’s Day? If you were at Bootcamp on Friday, I already know it was […]

  • Let’s get it runnin’ ya’ll! ———————— Tis the season for Running!  Below you’ll see my saga from the Quivering Quads 5K Trail Run.  But we’ve got a lot of oterh running events coming as well… Near St Peters… Progress South Elementary Fun Run When:  4/8/17 Where:  Progress South Elementary- 201 Knaust Rd, St Peters, MO […]

  • Brand new day Bootcamp Peeps! This week I got to listen to two of my business and lifestyle heroes swapping notes in the same room. You may know Tony Robbins who has become a juggernaut in the business, finance, and self development world.  If you don’t know him from there, maybe you remember his guest […]

  • Wakey, wakey eggs & bacey! Some weeks I create workouts. Some weeks I address doubts. Some weeks I make efforts to inspire. All weeks I force myself to prespire. Some weeks I read my share of books. Other weeks I receive lots of dirty looks, For lunges and squats that just won’t quit, That make […]

  • Sunday Skedge Time [fname]! ________________________ Housekeeping items: —————————————– Wednesday (2/22) 8:30am Bootcamp @ Vetta… Photo Shoot! Derek will be joining us to take some photos.  Don’t be shy or skip class… pretty, pretty please!  I want to get some action shots where we do some fun and funny poses while holding some dumbbells.  So wear […]

  • Happy Sunday to ya [fname]! “The 72-Hour Fast” I came down with a stomach bug this week. I wasn’t going to mention it.  But Derek said that by trying to hide it, I wasn’t being authentic with my peeps. Man, I hate it when he’s right. So here we go… I don’t like feeling sick.  […]

  • Blessings! CJ Well hello there [fname]! For those who may not have been at class on Thursday for our Groundhog Day workout… you missed a real gem! The theme for the workout came from one of my favorite movies that bears the same name as the holiday in question… Goundhog Day! If you haven’t seen […]

  • Salutations my dearest [fname]! Embracing the PATH… Gastrocnemius. Tensor Fascia Latae. Vastus Medialis Oblique. No, I haven’t been learning Latin the past few weeks. Just diving deeper into human anatomy, the human movements system, muscle compensations, and fitness psychology. My head’s been buried in a NASM textbook for so many consecutive hours that the curriculum […]

  • What it is Homey! Why I’m a Jewel Fan… Every day when I get home from Bootcamp, I feed my chickens, I let Derek hug me for an uncomfortably long stretch of time, and then I run a bubble bath, light some candles and start cranking Jewel songs at full blast and on repeat to […]