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  • Happy Post-Thanksgiving Bootcampers! Wow!  Can’t believe it. It’s that time of the year where life really seems to speed up.  We’re past Thanksgiving.  Before we know it, Christmas and New Years will be upon us.  And we’ll start another revolution on this tiny marble we call earth. Time seems to accelerate with each passing year.  […]

  • Happy Thanksgving Bootcampers! I’ve been getting a lot of questions this week about how I approach Thanksgiving. It’s become widely known that I’m a bit of a health nut… Which is kind of like saying, Barack Obama is a bit of a presidential dude… Insert Derek’s spot-on Obama impression here, “Mmmm… That’s a tasty piece […]

  • Good morning dearest Kings & Queens! “Pop quiz class!” Three little words that used to make me quake in my boots. Why do teachers do it?  My theory was that they secretly love to watch students squirm.  Like some sort of medieval scholastic payback system. Oh, what’s up little Johnny?  You wanna throw paper airplanes […]

  • Hooray, Hooray, we get another day! Today’s topic… I’m an impostor. At least I’ve felt that way on more than a few occasions in my life. I remember when I first got my real estate license.  It was ten minutes of fist pumping for having passed the test.  Followed by several months of wondering, “Who […]

  • Rising & Shine My Darling Bootcampers! (Pic above is my brother, Kyle, and I on Halloween many moons ago.) I went Trick-or-Treating when I was a Freshman in high school. That’s not a joke.  That’s just history.   I put on my werewolf mask and went trick-or-treating with my friends in their neighborhood. Let me […]

  • Good morning my healthy, beautiful, strong friends! ——————————- Quick Reminder (Manchester peeps):  Saturday workouts are moving to 7am for the time being.  So set that alarm clock a scoch earlier and come join the fun! ——————————- When I say the words, “The Most Interesting Man in the World”, you may get a mental image of […]

  • Happy Sunday Bountiful Bootcampers! So BIG news within the Thomas family this week (which will most significantly impact St. Peters…) First and foremost, Derek accepted a new photography job on Friday.  So a big congratulations to him! In addition, Spencer has accepted a new job in Indiana and will be making the move in November.  […]

  • Top of the morning to you Bootcamp Brigade! First some housekeeping items… 1)  We’re still gearing up for the Commitment Day 5k Sue will be holding the first group practice session on Oct. 24th @ Schroeder Park (aka Manchester Park) @ 7am. I’ve got a page up on our site with the details, the sign […]

  • Whoomp!  Skedge it is! I’ve been reading Tony Robbins’s most recent book, Money: Master the Game. In it, Tony prefaces the topic of money by discussing the WHY behind people’s pursuit of money.  In truth, each of us has our own stories about money and what it takes to get it… why it is or […]

  • Yeehaw!  It’s skedge time, I’ve really been counting my blessings the last few weeks. I’ve got a lot to be grateful for. I’ve got my health, a loving family, amazing friends and Bootcampers, my own business and a job that I love, a roof over my head, a car that runs like a top, a […]